4 Ways To Acquire Customer Reviews Using Social Media

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There are multiple aspects involved in making a business successful. Your customers posting about your products through reviews is a significant one. Why?

“85% of consumers believe in online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

We always look for vital information about a product before buying it, and reviews posted by previous consumers are that vital information.

Now that you must have a grip on the importance of embedding consumer reviews on websites using social media, let’s look at how you can acquire them.

Ways To Acquire Customer Reviews Using Social Media

Since acquiring and embedding customer reviews like Facebook reviews, google reviews on websites has become an essential part of every business, let’s look at four brilliant ways through which you can do that. Here below you find the ways to acquire customer reviews using social media;

Find Out Fun Ways To Ask Customers

Asking for more reviews on social media is the most straightforward approach to getting them. Consumers are more than willing to express their thoughts on a product or service, especially if they have strong feelings.

You may do something as basic as posting a poll asking your followers to score various items or elements of your company. We’ve had a lot of success using our different social media accounts to run brief weekly polls.

There are additional inventive ways to request feedback from your audience. Giveaways are a great way to connect with your audience and obtain more positive feedback. In addition, giveaways have a conversion rate of 34% on average, so there’s a strong possibility your followers will take part in this type of event.

The key to collecting positive client feedback is to link it to your input techniques. For example, you might make a contest rule that requires users to share your original giveaway post and comment on their favorite aspect of your company.

Respond To Reviews

When you’re first starting out, it can be challenging to generate reviews for your company. Customers seldom take the initiative to write feedback after a slightly positive encounter, so be sure to appreciate those who did.

This small gesture of gratitude boosts engagement and encourages consumers to talk about your company. Furthermore, seeing that you respond to feedback motivates other consumers to voice what they’re thinking.

You should pay attention to both positive and negative reviews. The key to collecting valuable client feedback is to link it to your input methods. For example, you might make a contest rule that requires users to share your original giveaway post and comment on their favorite aspect of your company.

By replying to reviews on your social media pages, you’re directing customers to your website and third-party sites where they can discuss your items in greater depth.

Provide Contest Entry In Exchange For Reviews

When arranging a social media contest, it’s a great idea to ask people to submit their reviews as part of the submission process.

People enjoy competing in a bid to win something exciting. As a result, customers are carefree about answering a few product-related questions or rating your goods before joining the contest. Therefore, make the contest prize exciting and appealing.

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Store gift certificates, accessories made just for contest freebies, some of your most popular store products or gift cards to restaurants or cafés can all be used as contest gifts.

Make sure to run the contest for several weeks so that more people can participate and a more significant number of reviews may be collected.

Look To Solve Customer Complaints

While it’s important to acknowledge and respond to positive feedback, it’s even more critical to recognize and respond to customer complaints, as ignoring them may drive customers away.

According to a PhoCusWright survey, 78 percent of individuals believe that seeing management reply to customer feedback demonstrates that they care about their customers.

Even if you believe you are not at fault, it is critical to acknowledge the problem and offer a heartfelt apology. It’s important to note that not all reviews are accurate. In some circumstances, the consumer is the incorrect one. On the other hand, taking the high road demonstrates to your audience how committed you are to providing outstanding customer service.

Even if one consumer is dissatisfied, many more will admire how your team handles concerns like these.

You can also incorporate negative feedback from other sites into your social media pages by highlighting it. In this manner, you can show your followers how you dealt with the problem, which will help them see your company from a positive perspective.

Over To You!

Social Proof, Audience Engagement, and Worth-of-mouth marketing are just some of the benefits of acquiring and embedding customer reviews on the website for your brand. Every brand is different, and every business requires a different style of acquiring customer reviews.

We mentioned some ways to acquire customer reviews using social media in this blog by this you enhance the quality of your business. Now, the ball is in your court!

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