How to Disney Now Activate on Roku TV, Apple TV, X Box & Amazon Fire Stick?

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About Disney Now

Disney Now TV Everywhere app bought to you by Disney Branded Television for Disney Channel, Disney Junior & Disney XD. It got launched in 2017, which replaces the individual watch app for every Disney Channel. It is a combined app for Disney Channels that comes with live TV, music, on-demand games. You can also access Disney apps individually, but it is better to install Disney Now and gram your all entertainment in one place. Once installed, you do not need to worry about navigation. You need to open Disney Now and enjoy your favorite show. It is effortless to activate Disney Now. Let’s learn.

How to Activate Disney Now?

Activating Disney is very interesting. Follow the steps given below. It will help you to activate Disney Now.

#1. Click on the link to open the website and activate Disney Now.

#2. Click on the Main Menu and press the ME button.

#3. Now, fill in all the required details and register yourself.

#4. Now, you are good to go, stream and enjoy.

How to Activate Disney Now on Roku TV

Activating Disney Now on Roku TV is as simple as watching our video on YouTube. Follow the steps given below to activate Disney Now.

#1. Pick up your Roku TV Remote.

#2. Press Home Button & go to Streaming Channels.

#3. Then search Channels and press OK.

#4. Search for Disney Now and click on Add Channel.

#5. You may require to enter your Roku PIN.

#6. Press Home Button again and got to Disney Now from the channels list.

#7. Follow On-Screen instructions and activate your Disney Now.

#8. It will show you Activate Code on-screen while installing Disney Now. You have to enter that Code on the official Disney Now activate website.

#9. Your Disney Now is activated. Go forward and watch your favorite program.

How to Activate Disney Now on Apple TV

So, if you are using Apple TV, then we have a solution for you too. Want to want to activate Disney Now on Apple TV? Then follow below and grab your complete Disney entertainment at one place.

#1. Go to the Apple TV home screen and find App Store.

#2. Open App Store and navigate to the search box and search for Disney Now.

#3. Then click on the Get button.

#4. Once installed, go to the home screen and open the Disney Now app, and sign in with your account.

#5. You will also get an Activation Code. You have to enter that Code on Disney’s official website.

#6. Congrats, your DisneyNow is activated. You are now just required to sit and enjoy.

How to Activate Disney Now on X Box

Not only for gaming, but you can also use X Box for live TV entertainment. If you are an Xbox user, it is effortless to install Disney Now on it. Just follow some simple steps mentioned below.

#1. Power on your Xbox and press the home button.

#2. Open Store and search for DisneyNow.

#3. Select Disney Now and click on Get.

#4. Got to My apps & games category and launch Disney Now.

#5. Get an Activation Code and enter it into Disney official website.

#6. Sign in with your account and enjoy.

#7. You have successfully installed Disney Now. Just go ahead and entertain yourself.

How to Activate Disney Now on Amazon Fire Stick

So, if you use Amazon Fire Stick, then you can also enjoy Disney Now. Below is a complete tutorial on how to activate it on Amazon Fire Stick.

#1. Start your Amazon Fire Stick and open the Apps category.

#2. Explore the Featured section and find DisneyNow and click on it.

#3. Click on the Download button. If already downloaded, then you will see a play icon. Click on it.

#4. Once downloaded, play it from the home screen.

#5. Login in with your account and enjoy it.

#6. Your Disney Now is now activated.

#7. You can also use Voice Command to do the following steps.

#8. You will also need to enter the Activation Code displayed on the screen into Disney’s official website.

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Here are some frequently asked questions for Disney Now users. Hope you find your solutions here;

Q1: Is Activate Disney Now free?

Ans: Yeah, it’s completely free. It comes with a standard Disney Pack. If you already subscribed to Disney channels, you can use them for free.

Q2: How to get an Activation Code?

Ans: While installing DisneyNow on your preferred platform, an Activation Code will get displayed on the screen.

Q3: What after entering the Activation Code?

Ans: Once you enter the Activation Code into the Disney website will display you with additional information on the same page


We hope this article helped you to activate Disney Now on different platforms. Enjoy streaming.

Stay safe, Stay healthy.

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