What is Customer Journey Map & Why is it Important?

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The customer journey is about customer experience related to online shopping, searching for products, services, and many more. customer journey is mainly about customer satisfaction, experience & most important their reviews for any services, or products. The customer journey map tells about the way the user interacts with products, services, and other features. If you want to create a memorable experience for users through products and services, then there should be good services for product delivery.

So that users can give you good reviews of your products & services. For good services, you have to understand the need for a custom shop experience in this digital world. As a customer, you have to think about the need of customers & also understand the way of their journey. What point impacts their journey on an ecommerce website?

Introduction: Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map is an important technique to understand the need of the customer, their concerns, and their choice. A customer journey map has described the journey of the user to visit sites and compare various aspects regarding the products & services. They compare all the aspects of various sites. And also review the products and services.

There is various organization that collects data related to the customer journey of their experiences, suggestion & reviews. All these data will help them to improve their website ranking in this digital world. Customer experience, choices, hesitation, and their story related to the products & service will provide tools to their business for the customer journey.

A customer journey map helps the business to get an idea about the customer’s needs. The storytelling helps to visualize the interaction of a customer with a business over a period of time. This will help to understand the insightful experience of the customer. a customer journey map helps your team to understand the needs of the customer regarding your customer needs. And also helps to know about your brand’s potential customers.

Why is Customer Journey Map Important?

The need for a customer journey map is about the experience of the customer, consistency & seamless experience with the product & services you provide. The customer journey map provides information about the customer problem and the way to go through the process and provides the solution to improve the user experience across all channels.

To know about the customer journey related to products & services, there are no other best options to know about customer experience related to your business. this will help to improve the drawbacks of the websites.

There are a few points to help customers:

  • Customer Journey Map provides a bird’s eye view of the customer experience.
  • CJM gives an opportunity to work as a team and fix bugs and improve the core customer experience.
  • It helps to build a faster & good experience for the customer by removing negative customer experience by identifying the key points.
  • A customer journey map helps to build customer retention to understand the flow of customer visits to the website for the products & services. Provide the cycle of customer procurement and ensure accessibility by all stakeholders.
  • Provide a way to showcase the specific customer journey on a specific channel.
  • The customer journey map helps to understand the required metrics of the customer needs and also points out the progress and fall related to customer experience. And try to bring customers on board again.

Concepts of CJM

The main Concept of CJM is about knowing the journey of a potential customer for different points with a product, service & brand via all available different channels .you know about CJM after performing the desired action by the customer. All this action takes several hours or days. There are a few points that describe the CJM concepts:

  • You know about CJM when a user performs a purchase, inquiry, and other various actions related to user experience.
  • In CJM Touchpoints is any kind of interaction between a customer and your business, whether it is through classical advertising via ads, TV, or radio spot.
  • Online marketing activities showcase the opinion of information on review sites.
  • There are various modes of interaction like telephone, web, branch, marketing, and service interactions.
Customer Journey Map

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Creating a Customer Journey Map

Creating CJM is all about resolving the problem & pain points of your customer. There are various forms to resolve the pain points of the customer experience.

Define Your Persona

Personas & journey maps both are important for CJM, which provide an in-depth understanding of your targeted customers, their needs, and last but not least interaction with your business. Most important for sharing the customer experience & story across the organization, you have to be very careful. Most of the information about CJM is comes from personas like goals, motivations, key tasks & pain points. That’s why it’s good practice to create the personas first.

The important point is that the journey you are telling is like a specific person, targeted customer, or segmented customer. All these depend on the purpose of the journey.

Define Your Customer Phases

CJM is typically dependent on & manage by customer stages. The customer stage is the phase that the customer experiences. Each stage describes the major goals of the customer journey which customers think. So when you create a persona, you can easily identify the steps of the customer journey that customers experience when they are using products & services. Based on your persona, there are a few stages, which customer follows during the lifecycle of a product purchase with you over time.

Define How, When, and Where They

To plan CJM you need to discover your company, do research related to your products or services, select you after comparing you with your competitors, buy a product from you, and build a relationship with you and your customers.

Describe the Touchpoints

There are various touchpoints, which tell you about your brand’s form from start to end, you’re your customer starting. For example, suppose customers may know about your business through ads and find your online presence, see reviews & ratings, visit your shop or retail store, and contact your customer service. All these are a few steps of touchpoints, through touchpoints, you know about customer satisfaction.

Conduct Research

You can also conduct research to know about the customer journey, you can offer some gifts & incentives to the participant. Lots of people are ready to help because they really think that you are interested in their experience and feedback. Most business owners use customer feedback to improve things. For each stage of the customer journey, try to identify the steps:

  • What were their major goals and their achievements?
  • What they did expect from the process?
  • The major steps & touchpoints they used to complete the stage.
  • How long does CJM take to complete the whole process

Determine Points of Friction

When you understand the customer’s needs and goals through touchpoints and also write down their touchpoints. Now the major point is about the total experience with your business.

A business will be looking through the eyes of the customer experience. as you go through the journey map of every single persona you & your team will definitely identify points of friction with the customer experience.

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