Digital Marketing Trends 2024 – Future of Marketing

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With the speed at which modern technology is growing and evolving, marketers must develop better and better practices. The Digital marketing trends 2024 will be dedicated to interaction with content.

#1. Social Shopping on Instagram

#2. Smart Chatbots

#3. Content Marketing and SEO

#4. Augmented Reality and Interactive Content

#5. Personalization

#6. Video Content and Live Broadcasts

#7. The ZERO Position on Google

#8. Voice Assistants

With the now ever-present omnichannel marketing, if you can’t keep up with all this technology, you risk being overwhelmed and no longer in step with innovation. In this article, I will touch on all the most important trends in digital marketing from social networks to SEO, from video marketing to augmented reality.

Social Shopping on Instagram

The first Digital Marketing trend includes offering social media as a social shopping platform. Social media, like Instagram and Facebook, offer you the ability to reach your target audience quickly and easily, shortening the buying process. We’ve been saying for years that social media has become an integral part of online marketing, so it’s only natural that it has become the perfect place to sell.

In fact, in a certain sense, influencers have been “selling” products on social networks for some time. Until now, it was possible to connect your site with a simple showcase on social media, like the one provided by Facebook, which is fed by an XML file or by manually inserting the products that link to your site’s card. But all of this was made easier in 2019 with Instagram’s introduction of tap shopping.

Smart Chatbots

They’ve been around for years now. But are they so efficient that they look like a human person? Probably not yet, however AI-powered chatbots offer a huge opportunity to increase sales because they collect leads, help provide simple answers, save time, and help customers convert.

We all know this digital service for promotion and marketing has become an essential tool for organizations.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content is king has become the axiom of Digital Marketing Trends and will continue to be so for SEO. Insert useful and descriptive texts that will help you better position your site and show some of your brand personality to those who read you. Don’t forget to use the FAQ pages, which are useful for providing an increasingly human answer to your query contextualized by those who use voice search.

The new algorithm is giving more and more importance to content, putting an end to tricks like “keyword stuffing” or “dry keywords” and without consonants in the text.

Augmented Reality and Interactive Content

In recent years, augmented reality has become very popular, thanks to Instagram and Snapchat filters.


The other Digital Marketing trend is the rise of personalized marketing; now, there are no more excuses. We are so bombarded with traditional advertising media that, over time, they are becoming much less effective. So what can be done? Customize your promotion!

In your newsletter, perhaps recall the recipient’s name with a “Hi Antonio” use specific content such as an abandoned cart and never use too generic content.

These Digital Marketing Trends offer many opportunities to create a personalized email marketing campaign, provided that you have collected all the right data at the time of the collection of consent for sending the newsletter.

Video Content and Live Broadcasts

As the ubiquitous Stories on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook teach us, videos have been an important digital marketing tool in 2020 and will continue to be for 2024. And beyond. Don’t neglect live video, show your brand, and bring it closer to your audience.

Videos are the type of content that has the most engagement with the public; use them, edit them, and try to give a precise image of your business.

The ZERO Position on Google

It no longer matters to be in first place in the SERP: the position that counts is only the ZERO. A zero result is a search result where Google automatically provides the answer to your search query in the form of a snippet. As such, it is highly coveted and should be the focus of your SEO efforts.

Voice Assistants

Alexa, Google Home, and Siri have entered our homes, and we can expect that more than 200 million smart speakers will be used by consumers by 2021. It has become the norm to talk with the voice assistants, ready to respond to our increasingly varied requests.

So you should start optimizing your site’s content for voice search, making it more conversational. A great way to do this is by entering the FAQ page, which contains all the right questions and answers a user can ask their Alexa on duty.

Social networks, websites, and e-commerce are the starting point for any digital web marketing strategy, so it is important to keep them constantly monitored and identify the trends of the moment that best suit your business. Evolution is almost constant and continuous.

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