Top 10 Web Development Companies in Los Angeles 2024

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Are you from Los Angeles and worried about elevating your website to top positions? Then perhaps we have something for you. These web development companies in Los Angeles will design, create as well and maintain your website.

Let’s run through the top 10 website-developing companies at once.

Brief Web Development Companies in Los Angeles 2024

Check the brief introduction about these companies below;


Vincit was originally founded in 2007 and works with the motto of a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. The team at Vincit(web developer in Los Angeles) has more than 250 employees with a minimum project size of approximately $25k.

Earlier Works

As a software development company, it has never failed to satisfy its clients with custom web development, UX, or UI design, and mobile app development services. Some of the notable clients Vincit has worked with are

  • Yamaha
  • Stitch & Tie
  • Logitech and
  • Nokia.

Golden Comm

Golden Comm helps in building a website at a reasonable price. With the combination of the right strategy along with impressive digital marketing finesse, the company is efficiently maintained its standard since 1996. Among the web development companies in Los Angeles, some of the services that bring Golden Comm into prominence are:

  • They develop multi-channel eCommerce websites.
  • Re-platforms customizes the program and designs the fairly-looking brochure website.
  • Works tactically for both the B2B and B2C challenges.

Earlier Clients Work

Some of the most reputed companies like Lead Lander, Ingram, Shop BMA, and Fine Linens are associated with the Golden Comm.

Since 2009, ChopDawg has persistently worked with both startups and enterprises all around the world.  They take pride in launching above 350 next-generation applications. Services offered by Chop Dawg are-

  • Working for WordPress sites and branding.
  • Product prototyping and pop strategies.
  • Satisfying the UI and UX criteria.
  • Work based on emergency technology like wearables and Artificial intelligence.

Some of the prime clients with whom ChopDawg earlier worked are LA Gear, PetKey, Rhodes 101 convenience stores, etc.

Expedition co

The company builds websites in a way to achieve optimal user experience. Expedition co has handled a project size of a minimum of $50,000+ and produced milestone industry-changing applications. The company works for rebranding support, modifying the 3D designs, and overall e-commercial web development.

Earlier Client Experience

The team of web developers in Los Angeles has had pleasant experiences while working with:

  • Hyundai.
  • GP strategies.
  • Hewlett Packard, etc.


Rootstrap helps its client website in scaling the process, people, and products through outcome-driven development. Earlier have worked on launching more than 700 digital products.

The web development company has generated numerous ROIs from clients’ achievements. Some of the notable are-

  • Assisting masterclass to double the revenue.
  • More than 20 startups acquired VC funding with an average of $250000.
  • They also helped Google for running the design sprints.

Urban Insight

The web developer in Los Angeles, Urban Insight was established in 1997 and since then has covered 500+ projects. They help with planning, framing as well as creating the most innovative website using content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

Earlier Client Backgrounds

For their way of graciously managing the project along with expert knowledge of larger enterprises, they successfully attracted many clients. Key companies with who they have worked are-

  • American Library Association.
  • The city of Los Angeles,
  • The Huntington Library,
  • The University of Tulsa and more.

Create Ape

Create Ape has over 15 years of experience as a Digi creative agency. Its minimum project size is $5k or more. The employees working with the team have the expertise as project managers, social media strategists, UI and UX developers, and more.  On average, they take $100-149 per hour.

Areas of Specialization

  • Splash page development
  • UX and UI web app designing
  • Web redesigning for B2B commercial websites.

Bastion Elevate

Founded in 2008, it secured a rank among the top 10 agencies by Orange County Business Journal in 2019 and 2021. It has extensive marketing services for social media management, SEO web development, reviewing products, social media strategizing, gelding campaigns, and regularly upgrading websites. It charges per hour $200 to $300 per client.  

Clients History

Earlier, Bastion elevate among the 10 web-developing companies in Los Angeles that have worked with –

  • IFG World,
  • WowWow Lemonade.
  • The Cambridge Group.
  • Bastion Collective.
  • Swiftpage and more.


Clearsummit, an expert rock-solid engineering company was established in 2014. The minimum project size upheld by the web developer in Los Angeles is over $10k. They also provide web platform development and front-end mobile applications to their clients. The expertise in instant turnarounds for prototypes from beginning to end app development. The average hourly rate for Clearsummit is $100-$149.

Key Clients

The site claims to pair perfectly with product owners who know about professional design along with value precision engineering. The key clients are-

  • Belkin.
  • The University of Virginia,
  • SVH Travel,
  • USAuto Parts,
  • AvePoint and more.


The company believes in creating a complex business-driven path without compromising the transparency of actions and assured product delivery. The website and mobile app solutions built by Cleveroad suit all types of industries and budgets. The charges are $25-$49 on average per hour.

Key Areas of Expertise

The key areas of expertise by the Cleveroad team are-

  • Macro and microservices along with the cloud solutions.
  • The cloud platform solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based data science and machine learning.
  • The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

Some of the main companies with whom Cleveroad has worked are Virginia Atlantic, Fuji HI, Cartogram, etc.

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Therefore, If you are aspiring to rank your website high, then you should contact any of the top 10 web development companies in Los Angeles. Even if you are not based in LA, most of these companies have offices in multiple regions. So, check their website to explore more!

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