Terms and Conditions

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Greetings from Digi Bharata!

There are several terms and conditions applied while accessing Digi Bharata. Make sure before proceeding forward you are accepting and following all the terms and conditions; if you can’t, then don’t proceed further.

Terms such as “your”, “us”, “we” refers to our Website as well as our clients

Let’s learn.


Whenever a person visits Digi Bharata, the person should accept the cookies as an agreement and maintain a privacy policy. The primary purpose of Cookies is to start or enable the responsibility of different sections in Website for people. Affiliated website partners also use and accept our cookies.


Digi Bharata has a license for adding links from Amazon and other websites as it works as a collaborator for affiliate services. Many websites give different options to collaborate and exchange posts or links. But, in this case, you cannot edit, review or comment. Only visitors can comment and check the following. It is due to an agreement and policy. Digi Bharata has all the rights to remove all the abusive and unwanted activity on the Website, to maintain decorum.

Adding Hyperlinks

Organizations such as-

  • Government companies
  • Search engines optimization
  • News companies
  • A website with similar business

They can add links without any permission on their websites.

Organizations such as

  • Educational websites
  • Online portals
  • Internet
  • Business organisations

And all other private sectors cannot add links with proper permission from the Website.

There are other restrictions and policies to get approval for adding links from the Website. If Digi Bharata thinks it is good to connect with the private sector, only they approve requests.

Liable Content

Digi Bharata doesn’t take any responsibility for any content which appears on your webpage. You have to act if any irrelevant content appears on your webpage. It may happen due to criminals or for violating rights. So, be careful.

Removing links from the Website

If you see any offensive or irrelevant content on your Website, you have all the rights to complain to us or write us on our email id. We will try to maintain the reputation and make sure it doesn’t harm anyone’s emotions.

Although we don’t know that link is offensive, we will try our best to solve the issues.

Limitations and Terminations

In case of any irrelevant activity happening on Digi Bharata, noticed by a person, we are liable to terminate it as soon as it comes to the notice. So, never try to harm it will get removed. Also, try to maintain your limitations on what are you commenting on, reviewing, and posting. You are under observation.


Digi Bharata adds all the warranties, details, description of the product, and link on the Website. But, you’ll never find stuff like death, injury, fraud and agreements related to any products here.

We provide all the relevant information on our Website. You can read everything for free.