Top 10+ LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools and Extensions

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LinkedIn has over 772 million users, making it the largest professional network in the world. Still, subtleties can be found. Although connecting with an individual user is simple, obtaining leads in large quantities on this network might prove challenging. Limitations imposed by LinkedIn prevent you from constantly engaging with prospects. Here, we are going to discuss the best LinkedIn email extractor tools and extensions.

The good news is that there is a way around LinkedIn’s challenging limitation algorithms: By employing an email extractor application.

List of Most-Demand LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools

Let’s check out the top 10+ email extractor tools on LinkedIn to help you close more deals.


Dripify’s LinkedIn Scraper helps you expand your network by converting LinkedIn connections into CSV files. You may access a wealth of information on the platform, including contact details, social network stats, professional background, and more. In addition, With Dripify, onboarding teams is as easy as clicking a button, allowing instant communication and collaboration. You may improve your day-to-day performance by analyzing the tool’s essential metrics and your data.

Finally, effective drip campaigns can be made—by importing contacts from a CSV file to create a beautiful, personalized sales funnel.

Users can find B2B email addresses on company websites, LinkedIn, or using the tool’s built-in features. features add-ons for Sales Navigator and LinkedIn that allow you to search for the validated email addresses of your prospects quickly. It is compatible with the popular browsers Firefox and Chrome.

There is a plethora of one-of-a-kind options available on If you know the company’s name, location, and contact person’s title, you can utilize domain search to find their email addresses on the site.

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This email extractor tool is fantastic for generating leads automatically by retrieving email addresses from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Wiza is an email extractor allowing users to use AI to export customer searches, identify lead emails, and obtain lead data.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches can also be transformed into valid email addresses for cold emailing. Furthermore, unlike many similar services, this one gives unlimited use of its free features indefinitely. Although the free plan is feature-limited, it’s an excellent option for startups and small enterprises.

With over 100 million company contacts and a constantly expanding clientele, is another top-tier lead builder and prospector tool. You can access the email addresses of specific LinkedIn users using the brand’s Prospector service.

Moreover, the program provides a comprehensive, searchable B2B database with various filtering options. It’s also possible to streamline operations by integrating the tool with customer relationship management systems. is a chrome extension and web app that streamlines the process of creating detailed profiles of prospective customers.

Among B2B lead creation tools, Apollo LinkedIn Email Extractor stands out as one of the most efficient and trustworthy. The top-notch resource allows you to harvest contact information from LinkedIn accounts, including emails and phone numbers. has a massive database with over 30 million businesses and 220 million contacts to assist you in locating the best clients and relationships. On top of all that, the robust instrument expedites and ensures your precise communication with top local businesses. Your search results can be further refined by selecting specific criteria such as location, industry, funding, etc.

What’s even better? A free version of Apollo LinkedIn Email Extractor is available. Additionally, you have access to third-party connectors that facilitate streamlined processes and boost output.


If you’re looking for an easy way to find the contact information of any LinkedIn user, ContactOut is definitely worth checking out. Whether you’re looking for a business or personal contact, this tool can help you with that. It has an easy-to-use Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses on LinkedIn with just a few clicks. The Chrome extension adds a sidebar overlay on LinkedIn displaying the contact information of the profile you are viewing.

This can be really helpful when you are trying to gather information and contact someone who is not in your network.

Lead Leaper

Lead Leaper is a fantastic lead generation and networking solution that won’t break the bank. The Chrome add-on facilitates LinkedIn searches and extracts email addresses from the social networking site.

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In addition, Lead Leaper checks each email for validity as it is submitted. The software will automatically add them to your list if they are suitable. In this way, you can easily verify the email addresses of your target audience by logging into your Lead Leaper account.

The tool is a dependable email extraction service that assists customers in locating email addresses for lead creation. It does an impressive job, with an accuracy rate of 81%, of retrieving both personal and business email addresses from LinkedIn.

To deliver drip mailings and email enrichment, use this platform, which is a fast email search engine. It’s a simple piece of software that facilitates the search for email addresses based on criteria such as a user’s LinkedIn profile, a domain, or a company. For more extensive queries, you can use’s API. Users can upload their documents instantly and have their contact information added automatically.

Voila Norbert

It’s a most in-demand email extraction tool with a Chrome plugin that works seamlessly with LinkedIn. The reason why Voila Norbert is such a well-known email scraper is because of how reliable it is. In August 2021, it gained the ability to search for any email address directly from a LinkedIn profile, making it one of the most popular tools for extracting emails in large batches and single instances.

Aero Leads

Aero Leads is an excellent service that lets people uncover real emails in company profiles. It’s an easy-to-use lead creation tool that scours the web for contact information like phone numbers and emails, then builds robust mailing lists. AeroLeads users can also export their data as a CSV file and import it into other CRM and marketing channels. The Chrome add-on checks emails for errors and lets you sort, filter, and export lists.

Get Prospect

It’s a user-friendly email finder that also has CRM capabilities. It helps find potential leads and qualified people for open positions, Prospect, and write cold emails. Get Prospect is an email finder built into direct marketing software. All names, emails, websites, LinkedIn profiles, and business categories of potential clients are available to users.

In addition, a CSV file containing names and businesses from other sources can be imported by users. Email addresses and additional contact information are added to your database automatically by the email finder.

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Hopefully, you were able to find the LinkedIn email extractor tools that best suit your company’s needs here on this site. Using an email search tool, you can fast construct a list of potential leads to contact. Depending on your specific circumstances, some of these resources may prove more useful than others; still, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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