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Email marketing is an effective marketing channel that uses email to showcase your company and its products. It is a form of direct marketing as well as advertising. Introducing it into your email marketing efforts can effectively make your customers aware of your latest commodities or offerings. Several forms of marketing emails, it can also play an important part in your marketing strategy by driving sales, raising brand equity, creating connections, and keeping customers happy between transactions.

Best Email Marketing Resources 2024

Finding the right email marketing resources to assist you can be useful. Email marketing is a crucial tool in your digital armory, and finding the proper email marketing tools to guide you can be invaluable. This is due to the fact that email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to communicate with customers. 2024 appears to be shaping up to be an intriguing year.

Everything from hyper-personalized experiences that make customers feel like marketers are speaking directly to them to email inboxes that keep relevant content from getting sucked into the swirl is expected by experts. Email is more likely than any other marketing medium to remain around in ten years, according to a new Litmus report.

1. Websites With Statistical Data About Email Marketing

Including numbers in your email blast is a good way to attract people to open them. They see a statistic and they’re curious how it can apply to them. Is this good news for the industry you both belong to or does it spell the end of a deal that you have been trying to forward?

Here are two popular websites to get valid and good information if you’re interested in applying statistics in your email.

A. Statista

Statista monitors and evaluates thousands of external sources, publications, and databases to keep up with the latest trends and developments in over 170 industries and areas.

B. HubSpot

HubSpot is advertising, sales, and platform as a service that assists businesses in increasing traffic, converting leads, and securing and retaining clients. It does this by establishing a single point of truth, a user-friendly interface, and a common codebase across all projects. There are several benefits to using HubSpot for your business.

2. Books About Email Marketing

Who said print media is dead? Reading a book is one of the most popular forms of self-learning- it’s also less straining on the eyes. If you’re interested to know more about digital marketing the traditional way, here are some good books that can provide you with good email marketing tips.

A. Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles

Recommended by multiple experts due to its easy language and multiple case studies to go through, Email Marketing is a book intended for newbies. This book will teach you not only how email marketing works, but also how to determine whether now is a good time and place to conduct email marketing campaigns in your organization — the book includes an 8-point checklist to consider before launching email campaigns.

This book will show you how to set up your email marketing campaigns and deal with a variety of technical issues. Creating your first email list, engaging your subscribers, and generating traffic and income with email marketing are all covered in this book.

B. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius

This is a must-have as it’s chock-full of email marketing tips that can probably change how you do marketing. You’ll get to know terms like “freebie magnets”, conversion funnels, learn about different ways to target your intended audience and more. This is the book you need if you’re intent on delivering the right message to the right person.

The latter part of this book covers an analysis of email lists and what critical metrics you should look out for, how to personalize your emails, and basic automation techniques.

C. The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

Do you ever wish you could accomplish anything in the shortest amount of time possible — with no bother, no challenges, and only the results? If that’s the case, this book is your rescue. It will show you how to create your first email list without the need for extensive study, planning, or complex methods. You’ll just begin compiling your list. It’s that simple.

Building an email list isn’t rocket science, and often all you need is a few helpful hints to get started. This book will not only assist you in doing so, but it will also assist you in selecting the appropriate items and services to market and earn money as an affiliate.

3. Blogs About Email Marketing

Blogs are like online diaries or journals where people can talk about anything they want. Sometimes people would focus on a niche and make their blog all about that – mommy blogs, food blogs, etc. Of course, there are blogs that are geared to provide you with email marketing resources.

A. Marketingprofs Resources

With its tagline, “Learning changes lives”, Marketingprofs provides training and online events for people who want to learn the ins and outs of marketing.

You go into this not just to learn how to craft some good content for your email blast but also to discover different information that can help shape your views and how you can do better. With its clean and easy-to-use layout, navigating the website to discover what you need is really easy.

B. Campaign Monitor Blog

Another popular marketing blog, you go here if you’re interested to learn about new trends and how to stay on top of them. Unlike Marketingprofs, Campaign Monitor is a blog dedicated to crafting the perfect email to capture your target audience.

You’ll read on when is the best time to send an email or why so-and-so’s mailing list is very popular and attracts readers worldwide. Everything you need to know about email marketing, Campaign Monitor has got you covered.

4. Tools for Email Marketing

How does one go about sending emails to hundreds if not thousands of contacts? Do you email them one by one from your Google inbox? Of course not, that’s why there are email marketing tools available to make your life easy. All you need to do is craft the content, and input the information of your client list, and these tools will do the rest.

A. MailChimp

MailChimp is probably a name you have heard of before: it’s one of the most popular email marketing tools in the world!

Comprehensive campaign visibility, email monitoring, view success, click-through rates, customizable reporting, and the capacity to maintain subscribers and unsubscribers are all functions included in the application. Mailchimp allows you to create personal templates while also offering a variety of pre-made templates and promotions.

Simple marketing automation options are available in Mailchimp. You may use if/else conditions to segregate your readership, send different emails to different audiences, utilize timing differences, categorize and group your customers, and even make them repeat a journey.

MailChimp has four plans: free, essentials ($11/month), standard ($17/month), and premium ($299/month). With the free package, you get a lot of the standard services. However, the more you pay, you get access to better features. At essentials, you can have 24/7 customer support. With standard, you get all the features from essentials and the ability to customize templates and predict behavior patterns in your audience to better target them. With premium, you’ll get priority in support, advanced segmentation, and unlimited access to certain features.

B. SendInBlue

SendinBlue is an email marketing service provider and marketing automation solution that provides a number of marketing, contact management, and automation functions. The Sendinblue email marketing platform, like other email solutions like MailChimp, is accessible as a standalone marketing tool as well as a Sendinblue plugin for WordPress. It’s also one of MailChimp’s biggest competitors as it offers more or less the same features with a cheaper price tag.

The top five features SendInBlue offers are email automation, a contact manager that can send in high volumes, time-sending optimization, transactional email templates for different queries, and a very easy-to-use email builder.

Just like MailChimp, SendInBlue has four plans you can choose from. The first plan is free and gives you access to features that can get you started on your email marketing campaign. The next plan is called Lite which costs around $25/month. This plan gives you advanced statistics and unlimited options to send as much as you can. The next plan is Premium, priced at $65/month, you’ll have white labels, 5 landing pages, and you’ll be able to target Facebook users. Enterprise does not have a set price- as you’ll have to talk to SendInBlue and set the price and services for this. Depending on your needs, you’ll have most features plus priority customer service and a dedicated account manager.

C. MailerLite

MailerLite is a website builder and email marketing tool for small and medium-scale enterprises. MailerLite’s main idea is to keep things simple. We offer simple and easy-to-use tools like a drag-and-drop email editor, a website builder, and an intuitive subscriber management interface to our customers.

As a simple and effective email marketing tool,  MailerLite has robust newsletter software. The MailerLite email editor is simple to use, and the system as a whole is straightforward to set up. They have a great free plan, and their subscription plans are less expensive than competitors such as Mailchimp.

MailerLite has very cheap packages as compared to the first two services mentioned. Aside from the standard free accounts, clients have the option to go with their Growing Business package ($9/month), Advanced ($19.month), and finally an Enterprise account. Just like with SendInBlue, the Enterprise account is available for custom pricing.

D. OmniSend

Omnisend is a growth-oriented e-commerce company’s omnichannel marketing automation platform. It helps you to merge numerous platforms into a single automation workflow for efficient communication via email, text messaging, online push alerts, as well as other channels.

Omnisend’s automation is much more advanced and user-friendly than Mailchimp’s. Omnisend has a larger number of channels. On the higher tiers, both provide 24/7 help, even Mailchimp- as popular as it is- does not provide continuing email help and support on its free plan.

Just like the other email marketing tools above, OmniSend has a basic free account that lets you use most of its features with limited capacity. Their most popular package is the Standard which can run you $16/ month and their most expensive package is the Pro which is $59/month.

5. Podcasts About Email Marketing

If you’re not the reading type or you don’t have the time to read a book or go through a blog, why not go listen to a podcast? You can listen to them while you’re traveling to and fro from work, on a plane, or wherever you need to be. Not everyone has the time to sit back and read a passage or two, but you can still learn how to make a killer email marketing campaign by giving these podcasts a listen.

A. Katedoster Inbox Besties

As a veteran internet user and a well-experienced copywriter, Kate Doster is someone who knows exactly the right words you need to string together to make a good email. She’s a talented lady who knows her way around trends – she’s seen the rise and fall of most of them. She’s even built her own website from the ground up.

If anyone can give you cold hard facts about how to survive the online landscape through email marketing, Kate Doster is your girl.

B. Drop Dead Copy – Email Marketing Podcast

The Email Marketing Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts about email marketing in the universe, with tens of thousands of regular listeners. Including little-known secrets you won’t hear about on other “business” podcasts, this show will cover the most up-to-date email marketing tactics and strategies.

This article will help you become a freelance copywriter. In this course, you’ll learn how to become a highly compensated and in-demand freelance copywriter… even if you don’t have any previous writing experience.

C. Anchor.FM Email Conversations

Small businesses, start-ups, and other organizations interested in expanding their use of email marketing might benefit from Conversations with an Email Guru.

More complex challenges like customer lifecycles are also addressed in the course of segmentation and email marketing best practices. Podcasts about email technology are becoming increasingly popular, and this one is a great place to start. Each episode is on the short side, making it an easy, value-packed pill to ingest.

Always Learn from the Experts

Because there are many excellent podcasts about email marketing to pick from, we are curious: which one do you enjoy listening to the most? It’s okay if you can’t choose a favorite because neither can we. Neither can we. They are all wonderful, and there is so much to be gained from each one.

There is something for everyone to learn from these podcasts, regardless of whether you already have a well-known brand or are just getting your business off the ground.

Happy learning!

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