Top 10 Noteworthy .NET Trends Dominating 2024

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Here you find the most popular .NET trends. ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are among the most popular web development frameworks currently available. This fact became even more sensible with a survey from Stack Overflow in 2021, which showed that these frameworks are now most preferred by developers. The conclusions derived from this survey do not come as a surprise especially considering the effectiveness of .NET.  

 .NET is the ideal web development framework for creating applications for the web, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Windows Phone, and even Windows Server. Given the growing popularity of the framework, it only makes sense to learn more about it and keep up with everything associated with it.

Hence this post will walk you through some of the most notable .NET trends dominating 2024.

What Exactly is the .NET Framework?

.NET is a valuable web development framework for creating web-based applications, form-based applications, and relevant services. The framework comes well-equipped with a virtual machine competent enough to compile and execute different codes. Moreover, these codes can be written in different languages, such as VB.NET, C#, and more.

.NET is one of those few web development frameworks with many features and functionalities ideally designed to make things easier for developers. As a result, numerous developers are using the .NET framework to create appealing and user-friendly web apps, webpages, smartphone applications, and web development projects.

The framework is very popular among businesses looking to start their websites with .NET and strengthen their online presence. No matter the complexities or nuances in your application or website, .NET can help you ensure a successful completion without any hassle. Moreover, it provides you with a wide array of libraries and tools that developers love since it makes their job much easier.

Now that you have a transparent idea of what .NET is all about, it is time to dive deep into the nuances of the framework. So continue reading as we explore 10 dominating .NET trends in 2024. 

.NET Is Now One of the Most Predominant Web Development Frameworks 

Google searches have become very easy to determine trends from the search history of different people. In recent times, the search for topics related to ASP.NET Core has become widely popular among developers all around the globe. 

Hence it is fair to conclude that .NET is becoming one of the market’s most predominant web development frameworks. The framework’s flexibility, performance, and security make it an ideal fit for most startups and enterprise organizations. 

Increase In Server-Less Computing With .NET

The rise in cloud computing has significantly increased the demand for serverless computing. Unsurprisingly, organizations opt to go serverless as it offers more scalability, cost-effectiveness, stability, and security. But the catch here is that .NET has emerged as the most preferred serverless computing framework in recent times. 

As a result, creating serverless applications with .NET Core programming language is much easier than other alternatives available in the market. You can even check this list of .NET developers for hire to create the right application for your business. 

Growing Prominence of Xamarin Development 

Of course, iOS and Android developers are still musing the Mono framework for most projects. But one has to admit that Mono only caters to a narrow audience for issues revolving around performance, compatibility, and ineffective documentation. 

Fortunately, Xamarin is here to bridge this gap and provide people with a more efficient and interactive cross-platform framework. Hence creating hybrid applications for mobile users became much easier, further fueling the growing prominence of Xamarin. 

Anticipation Around the Launch of .NET 6

The future of the .NET framework has an entirely different story to tell. Most people are keeping a close watch on .NET as there are talks about the new .NET 6. Many technology stacks have already adopted the .NET 6 framework. Some of the most notable names in that list include UWP, Winforms, and even WPF. 

The primary reason behind this widespread adoption is the number of new features .NET 6 offers. But again, these technologies primarily support desktop applications operating on the Windows platform. 

Increasing Preference For Azure Cloud As a Hosting Platform

It is no secret that Microsoft Azure has been a dominant player in the cloud computing sphere for the past couple of years. This is simply because Azure is more affordable, flexible, and scalable. 

Besides that, the high uptime availability and advanced security features that Microsoft Azure offers make it a more reliable choice for cloud computing operations. The cherry on top is the guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that comes with Azure. 

Web Development With the Blazor Web Framework

Using .NETCore to develop client-side site applications is a much easier task with the Blazor web framework. The framework first emerged in 2017 as a brainchild of a prominent hire .NET developers, Steve Sanderson. 

The Blazor framework makes it much easier and more efficient to create interactive web-based single-page applications (SPA) for different platforms. Developers are using the web framework to develop applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. 

Docker Support With ASP.NET Core

Most mano developers use the Docker container technology to create unmatched applications. The unmatched reliability, security, and scalability that Docker offers make it a preferred choice for most developers. 

.NET can run on Docker without any complications, which helps developers benefit from efficient .NET website development and deployment. Given these features and characteristics, Docker support is gaining unmatched popularity in 2024. 

Security With The .NET Framework

Cyber attacks have been a major concern for people in the tech industry, shifting their focus on secure frameworks. .NET is one of those few frameworks equipped with highly advanced security features that help developers facilitate better security and performance.

As a result, developers now have the potential to deliver more secure applications with more advanced security features. 

ML.NET 1.4 Framework

Machine learning is no longer a thing of the future as almost every application now leverages this technology in one way or the other. Hence it goes without saying the growing prevalence of machine learning has had a significant impact on the app development sphere. 

ML.NET 1.4 provides developers with helpful APIs for creating outstanding applications with simplistic coding. Moreover, the framework has all the tools needed to implement advanced machine learning algorithms in .NET applications for many platforms. 

Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is becoming another dominating technology in the web development sector. Microsoft Azure is never short of helpful resources for AI-based API services such as the Azure QnA services, Azure BOT services, and Azure cognitive, among many other services.

Developers can readily access these services and reap the benefits accordingly to create chatbots that meet business requirements as effectively as possible. AI-enabled chatbots have helped many deliver enhanced customer experience, which automatically helps drive better sales.

In addition, customers having real-time solutions to their queries allows a business to enhance loyalty and facilitate better growth.

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Bottom Line

.NET is by far one of the best web development frameworks currently available in the market. Thus, businesses and developers, in particular, need to leverage the potential of this amazing framework and deliver better results.

So make sure you know these dominating .NET trends for 2024 and keep your development processes updated.

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