A Beginner’s Guide to Google Ads

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Online marketing is in a constant state of change, morphing alongside the World Wide Web and pay-per-click advertising is currently one of the top strategies that Canadian businesses are using.

The most prominent of all PPC platforms is Google Ads, which can deliver fantastic ROI when managed by a top PPC agency.

How does PPC work?

As the name implies, a specific amount is paid to the publisher every time a user clicks on the ad. It’s a win-win situation for both advertiser and publisher.

The system of ad placement is rather complex, which is where PPC management comes into the equation; a top provider such as https://kingkong.co/ca/ppc-management-agency/ can maximise the exposure and with real-time analysis, the ads can be altered.

Choose a monthly budget

This is something to discuss with the agency; all online activity will be determined by the amount you invest; most business owners start with a small budget and as they realise the response, they add to the budget, while ads can be developed over time, depending on the response.

Content creation is a major aspect of digital marketing and a top agency has an in-house team of content creators who are ready to create engaging ads.

Understanding the online consumer

The key to creating successful Google Ads campaigns is having a deep understanding of the marketplace; identify your target groups and research their online behaviour, which means you can place your ads in all the best locations. 

Free assessment

Most small business owners do not have a firm concept of what they are looking to achieve regarding digital marketing and sharing a Zoom call gives you and the marketing professional a chance to come up with a concept. Canadian SEO agencies are very competitive and we recommend approaching a few agencies and take a look at what they propose.

You will probably find one agency that seems to stand out from the crowd and that should be enough to take things a step further.

It’s all about ROI

The most important aspect of all marketing is return on investment and this metric determines the level of success; if you are happy with the results of a PPC campaign, you would naturally wish to repeat the campaign and this is why top agencies are always very busy.

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