How to Find Affiliate Offers That Fit Your Niche

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As the number of internet users increases, the scope of promoting businesses online and affiliate marketing becomes prominent. In this article, we will discuss how to find profitable affiliate programs that will be beneficial for you as an affiliate marketer.

Generally, there are two ways to find affiliate offers; affiliate platforms and affiliate program pages of business websites. We will explore and give some examples of each way in which you can find excellent affiliate offers.

Two Ways to Find Affiliate Offers

As mentioned earlier, you can either find affiliate offers from different affiliate platforms or different business sites. Also, different affiliate platforms or sites may offer different commission rates. Let’s take a look at this in detail:

Affiliate Platforms

An affiliate marketing platform provides various tools to help run your affiliate program, including onboarding affiliates, tracking and reporting clicks and sales, optimizing site traffic, managing referrals, and paying commissions.

There are several affiliate platforms and networks to choose from. Them, Clickbank, Amazon Associates, and ShareASale are some of the prominent ones.


ClickBank offers a collection of digital products along with a few physical products in its network. This network may not offer nationally renowned vendors yet can offer excellent affiliate offers if the niche fits.

Many merchants in this network offer membership sites, eBooks, or online courses. However, some ClickBank products may not offer optimum quality. While this network has set filters to weed out bad merchants, you will need to be careful while choosing merchants to promote.

Things to Know About ClickBank:

  • ClickBank offers more digital products than physical products. You can easily filter between these two kinds of products.
  • The average commission rate is usually pretty high on ClickBank, depending on the merchant. You can find both flat-rate and percentage commissions here.
  • Depending on the merchant and product, you may find approximately 60 days of cookie duration.

Pros of ClickBank:

  • You’ll find a variety of exclusive offers here that aren’t available on other networks.
  • High commission rates in general
  • Offers payment weekly

Cons of ClickBank:

  • The refund policy of this network may make you lose your commission
  • There are several products that do not maintain the optimum quality

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a brilliant option to promote physical products, and you can earn a commission by selling anything at The commission structure of this platform has made it one of the popular affiliate networks.

You can earn commissions from any purchase of the consumers referred through your link as long as it’s within the cookie duration. However, if the product is already in the consumer’s cart, it won’t give you the commission.

Previously, Amazon Associates calculated the commission rate based on the sales affiliates drove. However, the commission structure was revisited in 2017, and now affiliates are paid in flat percentages.  It has allowed many smaller sites to earn sizable commissions without targeting high-volume sales.

Things to Know about Amazon Affiliates:

  • You can earn commissions from Amazon Affiliates by promoting any product sold on Amazon’s website.
  • Amazon Affiliates offer up to 10% commission on each sale depending on the products
  • Amazon Affiliates offer cookies from 24 hours to 90 days, depending on the product

Pros of Amazon Affiliates:

  • A lot of products to choose from to promote
  • Universal cookie
  • Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce websites

Cons of Amazon Affiliates:

  • The universal cookie lasts only for 24 hours
  • Some products offer very low commission rates
  • Needed to register for each country individually


ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks that house 4500+ merchants, big and small. You can easily sign up, view statistics, and generate links to all these merchants from the ShareASale dashboard.

This platform offers both physical and digital products. No matter what niche your blog or website is, you may find appropriate products to promote from this platform.

However, you will need to individually apply and get approved by each merchant to promote and earn commissions from this platform. This is quite a standard approach for almost all affiliate platforms.

Things to Know about ShareASale:

  • There are several products, both digital and physical, to promote on this platform
  • Commission rate and structure depend on the merchant you sign up with
  • Cookie duration depends on the product and merchant’s practices

Pros of ShareASale:

  • Hosts thousands of small and large merchants with a wide range of products
  • A trustworthy affiliate platform
  • You will find some exclusive merchants on this platform
  • The unique bookmarklet helps in generating custom affiliate links

Cons of ShareASale:

  • Although the dashboard design has improved a lot, it can feel a little clunky

Affiliate Program Pages of Different Businesses

If you don’t want to go to affiliate platforms to find merchants, you can go directly to the business to be their affiliate. Here the business signs an agreement with influencers or other businesses to pay a commission for sending traffic and/or sales.

You will have access to a lot of businesses when you are directly conducting your affiliate business with other companies. Therefore, you can choose your own niche and product and get a higher commission rate.

However, there are risks associated with connecting via affiliate program pages of different businesses. You may have to research more intensely to avoid fraudulent businesses and find high-quality products. Otherwise, you may not be able to generate much sales and commission.

Depending on the product and merchant, the commission rate and structure can vary a lot. However, directly connecting with the business allows you to collaborate longer with it and build a better relationship for future collaboration.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for affiliate offers online, you may find numerous offers with appealing commission structures and rates. However, you will also have high risks of losing commission and credibility. Therefore, it is wise to properly research before affiliating yourself with any business or product.

Affiliate management agencies can help you guide through these programs efficiently. Thus, you can generate better commissions without risking much. However, make sure to check out the credibility of the affiliate agency before getting involved.

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