Things You Must Know About Dark Web and Deep Web

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You might have listened to the term Dark web and Deep web in your life, and you might think about what dark web & Deep web is and the difference between these two webs.

So, in this post, we are going to clear your every doubt, and you will have good knowledge of the dark web and Deep web after reading this post.

What are Dark Web and Deep Web?

Dark Web

The dark web is that part of the Internet in which year every illegal work is done online. It can be human trafficking, drug dealing, and contract killing. The dark web is also one of the most significant places for illegal porn videos. You cannot access the dark web directly. Because regular Browsers block the links of dark web websites, and you will need a specific browser to access the dark web.

Even after installing a specific browser to access the dark web, it is very difficult to accept it completely. Because the website’s links to the dark web are not shown in search results by search engines, so it becomes very difficult to find links to websites of the dark web. But some dark web search engines show dark web links in their search results.

Usually, dugs dealing, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, and uploading illegal porn content are done on the dark web.

Deep Web

The deep web referred to those websites, that are not listed in search results. These websites don’t require to do illegal activities. The deep web- is just a collection of those websites and links not listed in search results, and there can be various reasons for not getting listed in search results. The owner of that website might not want its content, publicly shown by search engines, or it might be search engines have some issues with the website and links, and they are not allowing it to display in search results.

Is Dark Web and Deep Web are Illegal

Dark Web

In many places, the dark web is entirely illegal. But in most countries of the world, browsing the dark web- is not unlawful, but buying any service from the Dark web for doing any illegal task on the dark web is prohibited, and you will punish according to the law of your country. If you are browsing the dark web, then there’s no problem because the Tor browser will automatically hide your IP address while browsing the dark web.

Still, if you find doing any illegal task such as human trafficking, weapons dealing or drugs delayed, then actions are taken against you by the government. So, preferred not to access the dark web.

Deep Web

No, it is illegal to access the deep web. As I have already mentioned, deep web refers to websites that are not listed in search results but can access by entering their link in the browser. If you have the link to any Deep web website, you can simply enter that link in your browser and access it.

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How to Access Dark Web

Now let’s talk about how to access the dark web. But this information is only given for educational purposes. We will not be responsible for any misuse of this information.

  1. To access the dark web, there are two changes required, and these two things are mentioned below.
  2. TOR Browser

First of all, just download TOR Browser. After downloading the TOR browser, you have to open it and click on connect. It will then automatically connect to the TOR network, and you can access the dark. But the work had not been done yet.

You will need links to dark web websites, that’s not easy to get. You can search for dark web wiki’s on Google. They will provide you links to the dark web directory, and several links will be available there. Then you can copy and paste those dark web links into the TOR browser to access.

But I am again mentioning that the dark web is illegal in your area, and if you did any unlawful activity on the dark web, then actions will take against you according to the law.

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Is it Safe to Access Dark Web and Deep Web?

Dark Web

According to our opinion, it is completely dangerous to access the dark web. The first danger is that you can take action if you access the dark web legally and do any illegal task. The second danger is that the websites of the dark web provide harmful content such as software. If you downloaded any file or software from the Dark web, then complete chances of an increase of infections with viruses. Then this virus will harm your computer. So, make sure not to download any files from the Dark web.

Deep Web

Yes, It is safe to access the Deep Web. You can access the Deep web without any fear. Websites on the Deep web- completely safe to browse, and they will not supply any harmful content to you.


In this post, we discussed the dark web and the Deep web. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content informative. Let us know your reviews about this in the comment section below. Till then stay safe, and stay happy.

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