What is Disney Plus Hotstar?

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Disney Plus Hotstar is an OTT platform and video streaming service. Originally it was Hotstar, but it became Disney Plus Hotstar when a collaboration between Disney and Star India took place, and Star India Company, the owner of Hotstar, became a part of Walt Disney Group.

Hotstar launched on 11 February 2015, and it became Disney Plus Hotstar in 2018. Now, Disney media and entertainment distribution is the parent company of Disney Plus Hotstar.

Cost of Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription

It comes with two subscription plans. One is the VIP plan, and the second is the premium plan. The premium plan divided into two categories monthly based and yearly based. So let’s have a look at its subscription charges.

You can also use it for free, but the thing is that you won’t get Live Sports, Hotstar Special, Star Serials Movies, and ad-free entertainment, and you will only get SD picture quality. So you can say that it is nothing without any subscription.

In the VIP plan, you will get Unlimited Live Sports, Hotstar Special, and Star Serials before TV, multiplex and new Indian movies, and HD experience. But you won’t get Disney + Originals, English shows, and an ad-free experience. VIP plan cost ₹399/year. The major drawback of the VIP plan is that you won’t stream videos of 4K quality. However, you can choose maximum stream your video on HD quality.

The premium plan will provide you with everything that comes in Disney Plus Hotstar. If you will get Unlimited Live Sports, Hotstar Specials Star serials before TV, Multiplex and new Indian movies, Disney plus Movies, Hollywood Movies, Kids Content, English Shows, Disney Plus Original, ad-free entertainment, and 4K video quality. Premium plan you can watch on two screens simultaneously. Premium plan costs ₹299/month, and you also choose to buy it, which costs ₹1499/year.

You can also share your account with anyone as its premium plan supports 2 two live on-screen watches at the same time. If you are ready to buy a premium plan, we will highly recommend you go every year because it will be cheaper than monthly.

Disney Plus Hotstar beats Netflix in India

Both Disney Plus Hotstar and Netflix are OTT Platforms with their features and drawbacks. But if we talk about the conclusion, then Disney Plus beats Netflix. Although Netflix is the best OTT Platform, when we speak on an international basis in India, Disney Plus Hotstar won this race.

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Disney Plus Hotstar has a total of 28 million subscribers in India, while Netflix has a total of 25 million subscribers in India. Even Disney Plus Hotstar has a better content library than Netflix of regional content, and Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription is twice cheaper as Netflix. So the clear answer is that Disney Plus Hotstar is a better choice than Netflix.

Where Disney Plus Hotstar is Available

Disney plus, the parent company of Hotstar, is available in many different world countries. But the thing is not the same with Disney Plus Hotstar. It is currently only available in India and Indonesia. Launched in September 2020.

It had about 28 million paid subscribers since it converted into Disney Plus Hotstar and Hotstar has more than 300 million monthly active users, making it the biggest streaming platform.

Is Disney Plus Hotstar worth buying it?

You might ask whether it is good to buy a subscription or not because there are many streaming platforms available to choose from. So now here we are going to mention its pros and cons.

We are going to compare everything that makes Disney plus Hotstar a good and a wrong choice.

  1. Massive range of content libraries.
  2. Both English and regional Language Content Available.
  3. Unlimited, Global & Live Sports Available. Streaming of Live Matches & Leagues available. Downloadable Content. Users can download content for offline viewing. This feature is beneficial for those who have a poor internet connection.
  1. Ads even in the subscription. If you are on VIP Subscription, you will not get an Ad-Free experience because it’s only available in Premium Plan.
  2. Long Ads. You will need to see a minute-long ad before streaming the video.
  3. Content Quality issue. You may suffer buffering even in low video quality because of high traffic on their servers.
  4. Customer Service Problem. Many users said that it is not easy to contact customer service, and it is even not easy to cancel a subscription.

Shows Available in Disney Plus Hotstar

They have a message library of content, including Movies & TV shows available in English and regional languages. From animated to Action to web series, every type of movie is available. One of the cool features of this streaming platform is that you can see some of the TV serials on it before they arrive on television. It also includes many blockbuster movies like Marvel Studios and Star Wars, including the Avengers series.

The most outstanding feature of this platform is that you can watch live sports on it, which no other streaming platform will provide you. It is the official streaming partner of the Indian Premier League known as IPL. Most of the live sports matches are available on it.


Q: – Can I share my Disney plus Hotstar account with my family?

A: If you are on a VIP plan, you can watch only on one screen simultaneously with the same account. But if You are on a Premium plan you can watch on two screens at the same time.

Q: – Can I stop auto-renewal?

A: – Yes, you can stop auto-renewal. But for that, you will need to cancel your membership. Don’t worry. Your account will remain active until the current billing period.

Q: -What is the streaming quality of Disney Plus Hotstar?

A: – You will get options of 1080p, 720p and 360p to watch in.

Q: – Can I update my phone number?

A: – No, there is no option to update your phone number in Disney Plus Hotstar.


We hope that this article gave you enough knowledge about Disney Plus Hotstar and now you know everything about it and now you can decide if to buy its subscription or not.

Thank You for reading our post. Enjoy Streaming. Stay Healthy Stay Safe.

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