Top 10 Best Instagram Video Editing Platforms

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Instagram began as a simple photo-sharing tool, but it has come a long way since then, with the addition of in-line videos and the advent of IGTV.

Instagram is now used to share personal, professional, and marketing videos. However, Instagram’s built-in video editor won’t help you much if you want to construct such movies. Most of the time, you’ll require dedicated Instagram video editor apps. As it turns out, there are many such apps available across platforms, each of which offers something unique.

We’ve prepared a list of the top 10 best Instagram video editors for Android and iPhone in this article. We tried to include both dedicated editors’ apps in the list, and you can pick and choose as you see fit.

List of Top 10 Instagram Video Editors

We make a list for our users. Check it out below;

#1. Horizon Camera

#2. Boomerang

#3. Apple Clips

#4. FilmoraGo

#5. Quik

#6. Lapse It

#7. Foodie Camera

#8. KineMaster

#9. Magisto

#10. Splice

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps in 2024

Let’s brief out these Instagram video editors below;

Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is an Instagram video editor that you should try. It accomplishes a remarkable feat: it allows you to record horizontal video while holding your phone vertically.

As a result, it addresses one of the most common challenges you may encounter when uploading videos to Instagram. Horizon cannot currently be used as an editing tool. However, the hybrid feature appears to be pretty convenient.


When it comes to Instagram content, Boomerang is a popular video editing app. People would understand if you said something like, “do a Boomerang” Boomerang takes a series of continuous pictures and stitches them together to create a mini-video. Although the video will only last a few seconds, the activity will be repeated.

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Apple Clips

Do you use Instagram to share hilarious and personal videos? If this is the case, Apple Clips is one of the greatest iPhone video editors available. What’s the best part? It’s included in the software’s user interface. It works flawlessly on the iPhone because Apple makes it. This is a hybrid app once more. As you record the video, you’ll be able to observe the results in real time.


FilmoraGo is a professional video editor available for Android and iOS (somewhat). In comparison to the other video editors we’ve mentioned, FilmoraGo has a lot of video editing options that are appropriate for several Instagram video genres. FilmoraGo has the proper effects for you, whether you’re shooting a one-person recording or a landscape.


GoPro, the same firm that makes action cameras, produced Quik, a video editing program. If you haven’t guessed, the program is designed to assist you in editing GoPro films, but it can also be used to edit regular videos. Quik, in my opinion, is the easiest way to compile a collection of photographs and videos into a spectacular output video. There are numerous effects and transitions available, even in the free version.

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Lapse It

It is another Instagram video editor app worth checking out. Lapse It, as the name suggests, allows you to create time-lapse videos on your iPhone and Android. This app may be used to create time-lapse videos and convert existing videos from the gallery to time-lapse. The app takes some time to render the output in a second way.

Foodie Camera

Do you take pictures and videos of the food you like to eat? In such a scenario, the Foodie Camera, which is available for iOS, is a good choice. The software has been designed to capture food-related images, videos, and other content, as the name suggests. There is a slew of filters to choose from to round out the experience.


KineMaster is one of the most widely used professional video editors on both Android and iOS. You’ve probably seen videos created using KineMaster on social media. This is an excellent option if you want to include many effects and transitions in your final video. To begin, you have a range of transitions and rapid effects to choose from.

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Magisto is a smart video editor, according to the makers. When you have a collection of movies or photographs that you want to combine, Magisto is the most convenient way to do so. Once you have chosen the photos and videos you want to connect, Magisto will do the rest for you and even upload the video to the cloud. It means you’ll be able to watch the same video on any platform that supports the app.


Splice is a fully functional Instagram video editor that you can use to create professional-looking videos. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces we’ve encountered, but the customization possibilities are unlimited. You’ll be able to add effects and transitions to your movie easily.

Despite its name, this program is capable of more than just splicing. This app’s best feature is that it not only allows you to edit portrait and landscape videos but also square videos by AI video maker, which is ideal for Instagram. If you have an iOS device and want to check out a new editing application, Splice is a good option.

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For Android and iPhone, these are the best Instagram video editing platforms to test. As previously said, we have listed both specialized and hybrid video editing apps. It is entirely up to you to choose among them.

For example, dedicated video editing programs like KineMaster may be the way to go if you want a professional-quality editing experience. Quick or Magisto, on the other hand, should be used if you need quick and easy editing.

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