Understanding Social Media Analysis (SMA) with Netbase Quid

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Recently, a significant paradigm shift in technology has radically altered the way businesses are carrying out their marketing strategies. As social media platforms have become the backbone of marketing, almost every business has established an online presence to address their marketing campaigns more briefly and have broad access to potential clients at the most convenient time. Whether businesses are running an offline marketing campaign, there is always an element of social media involvement. 

Social media marketing provides essential information that can help business owners make insightful decisions. However, you may encounter some unnecessary vanity metrics that make data collection and interpretation a daunting experience.

Therefore, to leverage a social media marketing campaign, you are supposed to analyze the information you collected during your previous activities and come up with actionable conclusions.

Complete Guide on Social Media Analysis 

Social media analysis does not depend on external data as it uses the data you already have. The data may come from your previous posts, feedback from your followers, and previous social media campaigns, among others. You can also carry out social media analysis thorough evaluation of your competitor’s social media presence. By doing this, you can develop comprehensive details of workable details and those that don’t work. 

Performing the analysis is essential as it helps you develop the most successful social media campaign that can access a wider client base at the right time using appropriate channels. Although social media analysis is a nerve-wracking experience, it has numerous benefits that are hard to miss. 

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Steps to Carry Out a Social Media Analysis

Social media is a great platform that can help businesses grow at a greater margin. However, it requires a sustainable plan for it to be successful. To meet these needs, you need to conduct an analysis that helps outline your goals, target market, available tools, and existing competitors.

The analysis can be conducted in various steps, which include: 

 1. Develop your Social Media Goals

What goals do you want to achieve with the use of social media? Is it brand awareness? Do you want to reach out to more audiences? Is it customer support? Do you want an upsurge in sales revenue? Setting your goals means being precise about; what you want to achieve in the long run.

 2. Delineate your Target Market

Any successful market strategy must have a precise analysis of the target market. The target market can be defined in terms of age, gender, social status, education, and cultural beliefs. Understanding your target market helps to analyze how each audience uses the various platform, frequency of usage, and the reason for usage.

 3. SWOT Analysis

Every successful business must conduct a SWOT analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses, determine exploitable opportunities, and identify any threat that needs to be eliminated. 

 4. Analyze the Competitors 

A better understanding of your audience can help you gain a competitive advantage as you know how they are utilizing the platform. Analyzing competition means having substantial insight into how your competitors operate their platforms, deep-rooted online presence, brand penetration, content applied, and brand consistency in each social media platform. 

 5. Outline Company’s Available Resources 

Determine whether you have the necessary resources to support your social media efforts. Outline your frequency on social media and available tools. Doing such an analysis is imperative as it helps determine the key areas and investments that require more focus.

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6. Conduct a Social Media Audit 

By performing a social media audit, you can highlight prosperous areas and ones that require extra effort. You can perform an audit by creating a spreadsheet to enlist all your social networks, information on URLs, and particular users of the platform. 

Successful Social Media Analysis with Netbase Quid

Netbase Quid is a renowned firm that helps dominant brands and agencies develop their businesses and connect with potential clients through social analytics. It is the next most significant emerging trend in consumer and market intelligence platforms.

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