Top 10 Open Source Learning Management System to Support Effective Learning

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In today’s time the world is developing at a very fast pace and along with that educational system is also getting updated. There is a need to perform data integration and correlation regularly. However, it becomes difficult to process large volumes of data randomly and higher institutions look for at least one educational software to make things work smoothly. The Open Source Learning Management System software is there to create a formal medium through which the school authority or the faculty can communicate with the students.

Moreover, it helps to manage the record of the students without losing data. It also provides relevant information regarding social issues topics and helps in comprehending a particular process, such as the new school policy. To give you a more clear understanding in this article we are going to tell you the top 10 open-source learning management system (LMS) software.

List of Best Open Source Learning Management System

Here’s the list of the top 10 open-source learning management system. Please check;

#1. Workday Student

#2. Salesforce for Higher Ed

#3. Pearson Education

#4. The Google Classroom

#5. Schoology

#6. The Khan Academy

#7. About TalentLMS

#8. Thinkific

#9. The EDX


Brief: Top 10 Open Source Learning Management System 2024

Here’s a brief description of the above list so that it is easier for you to choose the best one. Check below;

Workday Student

Workday Student is an end-to-end campus management software that was introduced to work with Workday human capital management, Workday grants management, Workday payroll, and Workday Financial Management. It helps in uniting the entire campus management under a single system. It is stated as one of the best student management software that can combine admission, recruiting, undergraduate financial record keeping, and curriculum management.

The features of this Workday Student is Electronic assignment and test for students, progress report for staff, financial aid management, attendance tracking, and online payment system integration.

Salesforce for Higher Ed

This software is CRM-based and it provides student record integration throughout the life cycle. With the help of this software, the higher institution is able to manage the staff effectively and can ensure their success through various channels. This software is easy to use and the task can be easily monitored and created. Also in this software, the data can be easily customized for review at a later date. It enables the institution to analyze the information using the data sets that are gathered.

Pearson Education

This is software that encourages team learning among undergraduates as well as social issue discussion. This is educational software through which students can enjoy classroom learning and make it fun. Their amazing features include graphical content, flipped classroom scheduling, and also help the tutors to create assignments and tasks according to each need. The unique tool for teaching and coordinating makes the software one of the best.

The Google Classroom

It is obvious that in most learning institutions, students want to complete homework and assignments on time. Also, the teachers are expected to review, mark and do the grading within a certain period of time. All these things can be done more efficiently with the help of Google Classroom.

It can be the medium for sending out notices, creating classes, carrying out discussions, submitting assignments, grading marks, and many more.


This platform is based on instructional tools, collaborative features, assessments, and advanced analytics into one comprehensive LMS platform. Through this system, teachers are able to develop and distribute the course material, assign tests and quizzes, facilitate discussion, and even give parents visibility into their child’s progress.

The teachers can browse the community groups to the free sources provided by other instructors.

The Khan Academy

This software is always able to secure the top position on the educational software. As they provide free learning services and applications for the students. This educational software has the aim to improve and provide free world-class education for curious minds all over the world. This is a platform that receives the best feedback from the people that are already using it

The Khan Academy comprises unique tactics when it drives knowledge to the students, as all the topics are in the form of video tutorials. The writer that works in the CIPD writing stated this platform helped tremendously in improving his skills.

About TalentLMS

This software is built to support blended learning curriculums that are a mix of self-paced eLearning and instructor-led online learning. The teachers are able to import the existing courses or to create a whole new course from scratch with the help of the authoring tool. It can set customized learners’ paths to dictate how and when learners can consume them. Furthermore, the discussion forums and personal messaging enhance class interaction.


It is built for e-learning entrepreneurs to sell their courses. Thinkific is nonetheless a Learning Management System (LMS) option for teachers who want to set up online courses for their students. The teachers can also promote their own lessons as they use the drag-and-drop course authoring tool.

This platform is able to support a variety of different content types (text, video, quizzes, downloads, discussions). The teachers can also customize the course to fit the curriculum needs.


It is an educational institute that is easy and effective, it is mostly used in big universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and many more. This application can also be installed on your phone, it will also bring all the universities to your fingertips. In this software, there are 2000 courses available from top universities in this software.

Also, this software comprises video tutorials, related quizzes, and important study material and handouts to make the education engaging and interesting.


CANVAS LMS, from Instructure, is an open-source LMS solution built to accommodate both K-12 and higher-end institutions. For instance, you are not able to afford the school or district-wide plan. Canvas offers a Free-for-Teacher option that includes all the course-level features that you would expect.

The platform comprises assessments, grading, online learning discussions, and a class syllabus. This platform also has all the third-party user authentication, notifications via SMS or email, and basic learner analytics.

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IN A Nutshell

The bottom line is free learning management system is something that will work great for some, yet it is not for everyone. It does have severe limits on storage or the number of students hinder who can use these systems. It might not have all the functionality of your class, your school, or your district.

However, we hope that until now you must have got all the insight into the educational software and it will help immensely in your learning process.

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