Find 7 Reasons Facebook Is Slow on My Computer

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Poor updates or expired cookies? What is the reason that Facebook is slow on my computer? We will get this covered here. So, keep on scrolling to find out the key causes and how you can quickly access Facebook again.  

Facebook is considered slow for numerous reasons. Most users are looking for the reasons why this social media app is getting down, having various bugs, or crashing. Let’s find out these reasons no matter whether you’re accessing it via the app or its official site.

Third-Party Toolbars

Third-party toolbars installed on your web browser can lead to hanging issues. Using this type of laggy toolbar can make Facebook take too much time to load. Hence, find out whether you’ve installed any third-party toolbar on any browser.

There is a possibility that sometimes the unwanted toolbars may install on your browser without your awareness. They might be installed when you download any incorrect file or visit any website.  

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Registry Errors

The Windows registry is known as the database of settings and hardware, software, and app configurations running on your computer. It is recommended to download games and applications only from a reliable and authorized source.

Unreliable sites might have a Trojan virus that enters your registry and causes corruption. Poorly uninstalled apps can cause registry errors which lead to issues when starting, running or updating the apps. Check if Mac OS flush DNS cache can help clean RAM and improve performance.

Space Issues

After updating Facebook, it will require increased resources to run effectively on your computer or other digital devices. Also, regularly using an app creates lots of data and cache on your device.

This will eventually consume more space when being used constantly. Hence, whenever you experience a problem in loading Facebook, clear your system data and cache. The methods to do so differ based on OS.

JavaScript Programming

Another main reason that can increase the loading time of Facebook on your computer is JavaScript programming. The inclusion of some additional features in the platform can slow down Facebook’s speed.

If you notice, Facebook slows down after an update, much similar to other channels. JavaScript is used in most of the programming of Facebook to enable interaction between websites. So, overloading of programming aspects slows down loading during and after updates.

Browser Extensions

Usually, browser extensions are good for numerous reasons. They include several useful functions and additional features to the popular Google Chrome browser. Using this software module, you can conveniently customize the browsers for personal and other needs.

For example, free VPN, social sharing, downloading a video, cookie manager, ad blocking, grammar check, and more. But including them in a browser can slow down the browsing. Adding too many unnecessary extensions eventually slows down Facebook loading.

Server Outage

When you find that any above-mentioned points are not the reasons Facebook is slow on my computer, check server outage. Some users have reported that server outages or downtime make Facebook take too much time to load.

Glitches, too much load, or maintenance on servers or data centers can affect the downtime of Facebook. Hence, when nothing decreases the slow loading of Facebook, check the Facebook server. Visit these sites to find out if the servers are down.

Slow Internet

Sometimes, people install third-party JavaScript on their web browsers to get benefits. But, it can make Facebook too slow on your computer. If you are unable to quickly load this social media app on all devices, there might be internet issues.

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Slow internet speed at a certain area or time can make social media platforms load slowly. Don’t forget to check the compatibility of your web browser. When you use Facebook on an unsupported or outdated browser, you don’t expect it to load quickly.  

Tips to Fix Facebook Slow Loading

Based on the causes, the way to solve the slow loading of Facebook differs. First, check if you have an uninterrupted internet connection. To fix the internet issue, restart your Wi-Fi or router. Use the updated web browser and the app.

Check Facebook downtime by examining the app’s server activity over the web. Disable unwanted extensions and third-party toolbars. Other tips you can try include clearing the cache, trying different browsers, removing registry errors, and using a VPN.


So, these are the possible reasons why Facebook is loading poorly or slowly on all browsers. From all the reasons described above, some of them may be a legit issue when you still wonder why Facebook lag.

When nothing works out for you, try to uninstall and then reinstall the Facebook app. We hope this guide will help you identify why Facebook is taking too much time to load on your computer.

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