Steps to Activate Hulu on Roku TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV Stick & Apple TV 2024

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Hello and welcome in this post, we will talk about how you can activate Hulu on different platforms. Let me tell you that Hulu is a video streaming platform like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime Anytime, and Zee5. On Hulu, you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies.

The main feature of this platform is that it has many add-ons available, including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, and STARZ, and you can also subscribe to an extra bundle with Hulu, including Disney+ and ESPN+. This post is going to deal with the procedure of activating Hulu on different platforms. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Hulu also provides you with our free trial of 1 month. You can try any plan of Hulu free for one month. This feature is best for testing purposes. If you want to try several video streaming platforms available in the market, this free plan is suitable for testing every feature of Hulu.

Steps to Activate Hulu via

For activating Hulu, you will need a Hulu account, and then you have to enter the activation code on their website to activate the subscription on your preferred platform.

1. Go to the Hulu website and click on “Start Free Trial”.

2. Follow onscreen instructions and make a Hulu account if you don’t have one.

3. Now you had done with creating a Hulu account.

4. Once your account created, you can submit an activation code.

5. Go to and enter your activation code.

6. Don’t get confused with the above step. You don’t have an activation code right now, so keep scrolling and read the full post.

How to Activate Hulu on Roku TV

If you have Roku TV, then we have a straightforward guide to help you activating Hulu on it. Follow The below steps and get your Hulu started.

1. Pick up your Roku remote and press the home button.

2. Open channels for and navigate for Hulu channel.

3. Select and click on add.

4. Now finally, you have to launch Hulu Channel and click on Log In.

5. Login with your Hulu account, and you will get an activation code which will get displayed on your TV screen.

6. Finally got to the Hulu activation page and entered the same code.

7. Now your Hulu gets activated and ready for use.

How to Activate Hulu on Xbox

If you are an Xbox owner, then it is even effortless to activate Hulu than you might don’t think. So now, let’s see the steps to activate Hulu on Xbox.

1. Sign in to your Xbox Live account because we are going to use Xbox Store.

2. Open the Xbox store and search for Hulu and install it.

3. Now open Hulu and login into your account to get an activation code.

4. Rest the procedure is the same. You need to enter the activation code that appears on your TV screen into the Hulu activation page.

5. Your Hulu is ready to entertain you.

How to Activate Hulu on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Here are some simple steps and activate Hulu on amazon fire TV stick;

1. If you used an amazon fire TV stick and wanted to enjoy Hulu there, then we have a simple installation and activation guide for this too.

2. Select the find option and click on search.

3. Enter Hulu using your keyboard for voice assistant depends on you.

4. Once you found Hulu click on the get button, it will download and install Hulu.

5. The further procedure is prevalent. Open Hulu and login into your account.

6. You will get an Activation Code to enter that code into the Hulu activation page, whose link given below.

7. Now enjoy your endless entertainment.

How to Activate Hulu on Apple TV

Activating Hulu on Apple TV is also an effortless task, and we will make it very easy for earphones you did our step-by-step guidance. Activate Hulu on Apple TV follow the below steps;

1. Open the Apple TV store. Make sure you have already logged in to your Apple account because the Apple TV store won’t work without an Apple account.

2. Search for Hulu and install it.

3. Open the app and get an activation code. It will directly see on your TV screen.

4. Enter that activation code into the Hulu activation page. Whose link given above.

5. Log in to your Hulu account and select Apple TV from the list of devices if it asks you.

6. That’s it. Hulu installed and activated on your Apple TV.

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Q: – What devices are supported by Hulu?

A: – Hulu is supported by over 18 platforms including Android, Apple, Xbox, Fire TV Stick, etc.

Q: – What are Hulu addons?

A: – HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz are available as add-ons.

Q: – Can I switch or cancel my Hulu subscription?

A: – Yes, in the Account section you can do these tasks.


We hope that this post was helpful for you. In this post, we tried to explain how you can activate Hulu on several platforms step by step. Also, we told you how to get an activation code and fill it in on the activation page and discuss the plans and pricing of Hulu. So, in short, this post covered almost everything. Thank you for visiting us.

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