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Epix Now is a video streaming platform. You can also refer to it as an OTT platform similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are several online video streaming platforms available, and Epix Now is one platform. Epix Now has many features that make it unique from all other streaming platforms.

You can stream movies, and watch TV series on demand for that live TV within an ad-free experience. One of the cool features of this streaming platform is that you can download movies and TV series and watch them offline. It also comes with a bundle package which will include Epix Now and TIDAL.

For your information, let me tell you TIDAL is a music streaming platform. If you also want to stream music, then you can buy both of these services together.

Steps to Activate Epix Now on epixnow.com/activate

Some things are required to activate Epix Now on different devices. So now, in this perquisites section, we will talk about how to configure some things that you will need by activating Epix Now on your preferred device.

1. Go to EpixNow.com click on Get a seven days free trial.

2. Now create an account on the Epix Now website because we might need it in the activation process. Epix Now. Once done, you will need to enter an activation code that your device will give you. You will enter the activation code here epixnow.com/activate

3. Now you are ready to activate Epix Now. Below are the instructions for all devices.

Check the below instructions for your preferred device.

epixnow.com/activate – How to Activate Epix Now on Roku TV

If you are a Roku TV user, then here is the simple instruction for you on activating Epix Now on it.

1. Fire up your Roku TV and press the Home button.

2. Open Roku Channel Store and search for Epix Now.

3. Once you got Epix Now in the channel list, click on Add Channel button.

4. Launch Epix Now and get an activation code. It will automatically display on the screen.

5. Go to the Epix Now activation page and enter the activation code.

6. Login with your TV Provider on Roku Screen.

Congrats, your Epix Now is ready to entertain you.

How to Activate Epix Now on Apple TV epixnow.com/activate

Apple TV is also a very widely used device over the world. If you are also an Apple TV user, follow the below instructions and activate Epix Now.

1. Power on Apple TV and go-to channels.

2. Scroll and find Epix Now.

3. No need to manually install it from the Apple store because it is pre-installed.

4. Launch Epix Now and click on activate the button. You will get an activation code.

5. Go to the Epix activation page and enter the activation code displayed on your Apple TV Screen.

Now follow onscreen instructions, and your Epix Now will get activated.

epixnow.com/activate – How to Activate Epix Now on Xbox

Let us activate Epix Now on Xbox. Xbox is not only good for gaming, but it can entertain you. It can run most of the streaming apps.

1. Go to the Xbox store and search for Epix Now.

2. Download and install Epix Now and returned to the home screen.

3. Launch Epix Now and select any movie for the show you want to watch. Upon selection, it will display you an activation code.

4. Enter that activation code on the Epix Now activation page.

5. Now follow the onscreen instructions Xbox and if it asks for a device, then select Xbox One.

Congratulations, your Xbox is now fully packed with Epix Now entertainment.

How to Activate Epix Now on Amazon Fire TV Stick – epixnow.com/activate

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV stick, we also have a very quick and easy activation guide for activating Epix Now.

1. You will find a search icon in the top left corner of the screen on your Fire TV home screen.

2. Search for Epix Now or click on the Get button to download and install it on your Fire TV stick.

3. Launch it and get the six-digit activation code.

4. Go to the Epix Now activation page and enter the activation code there.

5. You will be prompted through onscreen instructions, follow them, and complete the activation process.

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Q: – Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A: – Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

Q: – Can we download content for offline viewing?

A: – Yes, you can download content for offline viewing.

Q: – What is Epix Now + TIDAL?

A: – It is a bundle of a streaming platform where Epix Now is a video streaming platform, and TIDAL is a music streaming platform.


In this post, we instructed you on how you can activate Epix Now on different streaming devices. We provided a fully detailed and step-by-step guide for activating Epix Now on several devices. We hope that this post was helpful for you. Thank you.

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