The Must-Have Features for Chocolate Boxes & Packaging

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For the longest time possible and years that have passed, chocolate has remained one of the most important gifts. For this reason, it’s safe to say that people have been investing in chocolate shipping boxes that create an attractive gift.

That’s because the delicious chocolates packed in customized boxes are a great way of attracting customers. For this reason, you can use printed or custom chocolate boxes for presenting them to the customers or offer them as favors and gifts. 

Whenever we listen to the word, chocolate, we think of the sweet treat with a delicate and mouth-watering flavor. It’s safe to say that chocolate has become the ultimate source of happiness for the majority of people and it’s not even confined to age. Not to forget, the chocolates are great for health.

So, if you are a chocolate brand and want the customers to come to you, it’s crucial to create an attractive exterior for the products. So, this article has everything you need to know about chocolate candy gift boxes and how to design the right packaging with must-have features!

Why Is Chocolate Packaging Important?

When it comes down to chocolate, it is known as a delicious and sweet treat and is widely used for showing concern and love to loved ones. For this reason, these chocolates must be packed up properly in the chocolate truffle boxes. It is needless to say that chocolate heart boxes must be designed relatively to the product demand and the product itself because it helps leave a strong impression on the customer base. In addition, it’s essential to motivate the customers to buy the chocolate product. 

For the most part, we don’t know any event at which you cannot use chocolate as a gift because it can bring a cheesy smile to every receiver’s face. In case you are a chocolate retailer or distributor, there is an extensive range of custom chocolate box wholesale boxes for improving the sales and shipping to the customers. It’s obvious that chocolates are everyone’s favorite and hardly anyone refuses it. However, with small boxes of chocolate, the brand owners have to consider the following features.

Size Of the Packaging 

We are constantly babbling about the 9mportance of right packaging but it’s useless if we don’t talk about the size. The size of chocolate packaging must be considered because the size has the capacity to improve the impression of chocolate products. For providing proper packaging to different chocolate amounts and delights, there is an extensive range of chocolate boxes available. There are different sizes available, such as 1.6 × 8.4 × 8 cm, 18 × 13 × 3.5 inches, and 2 × 7 × 7 cm with lock tabs. 

In addition to these sizes, if you opt for the truffle boxes, there are two options available in sizes, such as 6 × 3.5 × 2.5 cm and 5 × 10 × 10 cm. Moreover, there are multiple assortments of boxes of chocolate for packing different quantities of chocolates, such as two dozen, 28, 15, 32, and 24. Not to forget, chocolate brands can opt for customized packaging because it’s essential for confectionary brands. 


The chocolate brands often undermine this fact but chocolate boxes have the capacity to catch the customers’ attention if they are properly personalized. It’s obvious that chocolate is a delicate delight for people of all ages, the customization must be done for customers of every age and according to the events. In addition, if the customization is done for a specific customer base, it will enhance the chances of capturing the target sales. 

That being said, the right best chocolate gift boxes with an alluring design have the capacity to preserve the chocolates and can be used at important events, such as festivals and celebrations. To illustrate, you can get custom truffle boxes with unique printed patterns for the events like Halloween. In case your target market is kids, you can customize the chocolate cake boxes according to the famous cartoon characters and superheroes because it makes them excited and happy. 

Lastly, there are premium boxes available that can be used as gift boxes and favor boxes. In such cases, you can make added embellishments to the chocolate packaging boxes, such as baker’s twine, die-cut designs, bow tie, organza ribbons, and petals.

Logo & Color Scheme 

The third feature to consider is the utilization of chocolate chip cookie boxes through marketing and advertising. For this purpose, the chocolate brands need to select the color palette and printing technique that goes with your brand. There are different printing designs with attractive personalization and logo because it creates a clever color blending for the chocolate packaging. In addition, it’s essential to create the chocolate packaging that sets you apart in terms of appearance. 

While we are talking about these details, you can also add the webpage address, company name, barcodes, and address to elevate the experience. Keep in mind that these details will allow the customers to remember you and recognize you. Also, while you are choosing the logo, make sure that it’s relevant to the products, easy to remember, highly visible, eye-catching. 


While you are trying to understand the must-have features of chocolate favor boxes, you must talk about materials. This is because creating a fine experience for customers requires choosing the right material. Generally, cardboard sheets are suitable for packing chocolates and have the structural integrity for protecting the chocolates. In addition, the brands can opt for kraft paper because it’s easy to customize, it’s economical, and can be fabricated pretty easily.


In case your chocolate brand is using cardboard material, it can be fabricated pretty easily into versatile designs. The fabrication can improve the brand’s beauty and some of the examples include the gable boxes, sleeve boxes, pyramid boxes, oval boxes, flip-top boxes, drawer style boxes, closed boxes, clear top with base box, truffle boxes, and wedding boxes. It’s needless to say that all these options are pretty efficient and can help preserve the decoration of the chocolates.

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