How To Find The Perfect Social Media Influencer To Help You Market Your Brand?

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Social media is a hugely powerful marketing tool, allowing you to connect with an almost unfathomable amount of people all around the world. Social media marketing has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Influencer marketing in particular can be exceptionally useful for your business – as long as you go about it the right way.

If you are trying to find the perfect social media influencer for your business, this article is for you…

What is a Social Media Influencer?

So firstly, let’s take a look at what a social media influencer actually is. As the name suggests, a social media influencer has the ability to impact what people think and what they buy. Influencers build a reputation as being an expert in their field, amassing knowledge or skills in a certain area. They then gain a large following of enthusiastic people who closely follow what they do.

Influencers can have millions of followers and can be an incredible tool to reach your target market, increase brand awareness and promote your product. Selecting the right influencer is essential for success, and your marketing agency in Dubai can help identify the perfect match for you.

What should you be looking out for in a Social Media Influencer?

If you are searching for your own perfect social media influencer, there are a number of criteria you should consider before committing to anyone. You pay for the privilege of having an influencer promote your business, and if that person isn’t a good fit that could be money more or less wasted.

Here are some of the key points to consider:

Someone who shares your values

If this person is going to be speaking for your brand and about your brand, they should share the same ideals. Someone who posts videos about the best way to roast meat may not be the right person to talk about your vegan products, for example.

Your influencer’s values and mission statement should align with yours if you hope to create a successful partnership. And avoid any potential PR nightmares if it all goes wrong.

Someone who shares your target market

While the number of followers an influencer has is obviously important, it does not determine if they are perfect or not. They could have a million followers, but if only a tiny percentage of them actually fit with your target market, you are working with the wrong influencer. Identify who your target market is, and then find an influencer with access to that market.

Someone who knows what they are talking about

To properly gain the trust of your customers and keep it, you should know that your influencer is truly an expert in your field and will post accordingly. Mistakes can break trust, and with more and more people likely to believe influencers over your own information, you want to minimise these mistakes where you can.

Someone within your budget

The top social media influencers that have millions of followers can charge slightly terrifying amounts of money to promote your product. However, the top influencer may not be the perfect influencer for you. Micro-influencers still have up to 100,000 followers and are popular on Instagram or elsewhere. They can charge very reasonable rates for their time.

It is better to invest money where it will really make a difference, so targeting your ideal customer base and paying micro-influencers who can reach them could be your best strategy. Whoever your perfect influencer is, you can find them by narrowing down who you are trying to reach, what your goals are, and then finding the person or people that can best help you to reach them.

Do that, and you can take your brand and business to unimaginable heights!

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