UI UX Design Trends 2024 You Should Know This

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Technology user expectation is one of the major factors to get a response or traffic on the website. In technology, user expectations change every day and in the trends which we follow are outdated after some time. As we all know customers visit lots of websites in a day and they want that the website should be user-friendly and have updated features.

In this digital world, the user-friendly view affects website traffic a lot. A user-friendly view is all about the speed and the layout of the website which should be updated according to the trends. In this digital era, users want a user-friendly view and as we all know technology changed apparently and websites should follow some trends.

Every year, we follow some trends to develop a website. The website should follow those trends to get the traffic should be followed by other website developers on the websites. In web designing, people have to follow some trends. To design any website we should have to follow the UI UX design trends.

#1. Dark Mode

#2. Immersive 3D elements

#3. Soft shadows

#4. Blend Graphics and Images

#5. Voice User Interface

#6. Data Visualization

#7. Realistic Texture

#8. Wild Colors Combination

#9. Mobile Browsing

For easy understanding, we elaborate on some trends here;

Dark Mode

The dark mode is all about the theme features. Dark Mode is in trend now. Apple, Google, and other big brands are using this concept on their website and application. Dark Mode is now in trend for website UI/UX and also for mobile application UI/UX. User can change their theme as well.

Data Visualization

Now the next trend for UI design trends in 2024 is all about data visualization or we can say how we can show the data so that the user can get the information easily. Data visualization is all about representing the data and passing the message through the data to the hairs so that they can easily understand the purpose and the motive of your website.

There are different ways to visualize the data like we can use the different types of charts. You can also use tables in other ways to represent the data so that the user can easily understand the purpose of the website. As we all know in the digital era data plays an important role any people are collecting data to improve the businesses. So data visualization plays an important role in the website.

Realistic Textures

Now the best UX design trends are about graphics. Graphics play an important role in any website. Graphics is related to images videos and other effects but except that, there are textures that enhance the UI and UX of the website.

The texture is all about the color combination of the background which we can use in any image to enhance the appearance of the website. Realistic textures are all about the print weekend used in the backgrounds and the prints which we can use on the images to improve the quality of images.

Wild Colours Combination

Now the next trend, which should be followed in 2024, is the wild color combination. If you are designing a website then the wild color combination should be the latest trend expected to improve the layout and the feel of your website.

The wild color combination is all about the colors you are using on the website and the fonts you used. Accept that we can consider a format the websites like we can use bold italic and other formats to improve the website look. In the digital era trend, we can use a dark color to enhance the website layout and the look that everyone can easily love it.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”- Robert L. Peters, Graphic Designer

Mobile Browsing

Mobile browsing is about developing a UI/UX according to the different mobile screens. One of the major trends right now is that if you are developing a website that should be mobile browsing. The terminology that we used for mobile browsing is responsiveness. In simple words, we can say the design of the website should be responsive as per the different mobile screen sizes.

In mobile screens, there are different sizes and the designer should have to make a website responsive. This task should be a tedious task for the designer because setting the layout according to the different screens mobile takes time.

Rise Video Content

There is another latest trend for web design trends in 2024 the video and the rise of video. This is very normal that people can interact with video easily and if you are increasing the number of videos on your website then this will help you get traffic on your website.

In UI/UX trends, graphics play an important role to accept that nowadays video also plays an important role. The video makes things easy. Viewers can easily understand the message through the video. Video communication is one of the best ways to talk with viewers.


Technology played an important role in our life. As we all know technology trends are very frequent and these trends are applicable very frequently. Trends are related to development, designing, and SEO. In this digital era, every day there are changes occurs related to the design pattern and others.

Users visit lots of websites in a day. They always want the latest features and trends related to website designing and development. This will help them to get traffic on their website and also help to improve their business through technology.

There are changes in the trends every year. The customer wants the latest features on their website and also wants a user-friendly website. The web designer should be updated by the latest trends and should apply those trends on the website. There are lots of trends, that should help to improve the website’s look and also help to grow their business.

There are a few trends, which always applicable are dark mode, the blending of graphics with images, and animation effects.

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