Important Reasons to Receive The Best Assistance When Setting up A Company in Vietnam

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There is a growing trend which sees many businesses expanding their operations in Vietnam. It is located strategically and has a growing economy, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, which is thanks in large parts to having a stable government in place, something many other countries envy.

Specially designated industrial zones and a constant large supply of enthusiastic young labour force waiting to administer their skills, and the ease of doing business are all things that attract more and more to make the move or expand to this special part of southeast Asia. However, it is not just as simple as starting up. There are some hurdles to overcome which is as expected when in a foreign land. To ensure that a new business in Vietnam gets things right and remains compliant, it is a smart move to enlist the help of a professional team with vast experience that can assist with a company setup.

It can be a stressful business, so removing all the hassle makes sense, especially when expert guidance is waiting to be provided. The experts understand all the government regulations that need to be met without those involved in the business having to try and find out the information and then adhere to it. Immense time will be saved while clarity is provided which cuts through the confusion.

No two businesses are the same, so knowing that individual needs will be accommodated will provide peace of mind to those benefiting from such a service. Unique needs and requirements are covered, while the transparent pricing without any hidden extras when the bills arrive allows for concise budgeting. They might also appreciate tips for managing a small team.

Whatever the make-up of the new business, the right team will provide a package to suit. It might be for a company 100% foreign-owned, or perhaps a partnership with a Vietnamese firm. There is something to suit all requirements, which will be put in place as soon as possible, saving lengthy frustrating delays. Those who are unsure which is the best way forward can take advantage of a consultation where the situation will be assessed, and the best solution offered.

100% foreign ownership is permitted in Vietnam through a commitment from the World Trade Organization, however, there is still much to put in place which is best handled by those with the know-how and ensuring compliance is met. Documents will be prepared initially which includes a proof of finances, prior to the application for an investment registration certificate. The time saved might allow for a visit to a museum.

An enterprise registration certificate will then be applied for followed by the required post-establishment registrations before any additional post-licensing and sub-licensing applications being applied for. Finally, the charter capital contribution will be paid.

Starting a business in Vietnam can be extremely rewarding, but very complicated to set up, which is why using an expert team of professionals to provide a seamless and compliant procedure is the right way.

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