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 One Piece is one of the most thrilling Japanese manga anime series illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The One Piece Filler series give attention to Monkey D.Luffy. He is a young man who inspired his youth idol and countless pirates named Red-Haired Shanks set off on a sail into the hearts of billions. One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in the year 1999. So far 995 episodes of One Piece have been out. With a total of 94 described filler episodes, One Piece has a very little filler percentage of 9%. One Piece has been with us for the previous 15 years and still endures to deliver more. In his mission, Luffy figures his crew and remains on his adventure to discover the mysterious treasure One Piece. The journey is from the East Blue Sea to find the treasure and declare himself the king of the Pirates.  

The complicated yet straightforward story takes us to a completely new world ruled by untidy pirates and brings new adventures with every passing episode. From petty pirate’s lords to government schemes, One Piece has it all!

How many types of filler are there in a single piece?

One Piece Filler is the top 10 most long-running anime sequence of 982 episodes in the. 99 episodes have been recognized as filler, accounting for just 10.1% of the total 982 episodes. One Piece scores comparatively low in fillers, which is a helpful thing for people who dislike watching fillers on television.

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Do One Piece Fillers is it Worth Your Time?

If we compared it to other anime, One Piece Filler List doesn’t hold any fillers. However, the matter is if they are worth your time or not. As far as fillers go, One Piece features are the best and most motivating ones in the world of anime, with some of them being so outstanding that you would believe them to be canon if you hadn’t recited the manga first.

Based on the beyond, it is perfect that One Piece fillers are valuable and that you really should, in our retiring opinion, watch the complete filler list without skipping a beat (unless otherwise stated).

One Piece Filler List

If you are about to start watching One Piece Filler List for the first time, it would be valuable to skip the filler episodes and effort only on the canon episodes to get your bearings. The fillers are separate story arcs that don’t play a lot of a character in the main story, so you can watch them after you bender-watch the complete series.

  • 54–61: Apis Arc
  • 131–135: Alabasta arc
  • 136-138: Goat
  • 139-143: Rainbow Mist arc
  • 196–206: G-8 arc
  • 220–224: Ocean Dream
  • 225–226: Foxy Pirates Returns
  • 326-335: Accino Family arc
  • 382-384: Spa Island Arc
  • 426-429: Little East Blue Island
  • 575-578: Z’s Ambition
  • 626-628: Ceasar Retrieval
  • 747-750: Silver Mine Arc
  • 780-782: Marine Rookie
  • 895-896: Carbonic Acid King
  • 907: Wano Arc 

Does it take long to watch One Piece Filler List?

Reflect yourself, cautioned if you plan to begin watching One Piece from episode one forward and see the whole series through to the end.

One Piece was first declared in 1999, making it exactly 21 years ago, and it is now in its 20th season on anime television. This is an unbelievable achievement, and we can’t help but raise the innovative boldness that has driven the whole series.

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As previously expressed, a total of 940 episodes have been publicised on television as of September 6, 2020. So, where does that leave us, exactly?

One Piece has a total of 22,560 minutes of content to sight since there are 940 episodes of 24 minutes each. If you could blast watch the whole series, it would take you exactly 376 hours, or 15 days and 16 hours to complete it.

So waiting for what, wishing you the best of luck!

Will One Piece come to an end soon?

The answer is “soon” One Piece will come to an end, if you consider that Oda initiated his tale in 1997 and had already been successively for 23 years, the answer is yes, it will conclude soon. It will take many years before that “soon” reaches, so it isn’t going to happen any time soon, despite what you may consider.

Oda said in 2018 that he had finished about 80% of his tale, which still left an important amount of room for extra storylines. The demand of how One Piece would finish has been boost many times, and he has responded by saying that he has an ending in mind (the original ending) and that he means to see it through; he also said that he might possibly alter the conclusion if the fans expected how it would end.

A 2019 interview disclosed that he believes the manga would be complete its series in 2024 or 2025, suggesting that we have enough time to enjoy Luffy’s exploits, both in manga and anime forms. And that concludes today’s discussion. We hope you enjoyed reading this and that we were able to help you in resolving your issue. As the storyline grows, the One Piece filler list will be updated above with further episodes.

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That’s the complete episodes list of One Piece Filler List to evade and the canon episodes to watch. Hopefully, we were able to simplify your matter for you and guide you in your upcoming binge-watching session. That’s all we have to say! We have collected the most complete One Piece filler list for you. As with regular episodes, fillers in One Piece are enjoyable. Take a gaze at these eight filler references if you want.

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