Pokemon GO Promo Codes 2024

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Pokemon GO Codes is a free and easy way to collect items in the Pokemon GO game. These codes are released by game developers, from time to time. When you use these codes, you’ll get a reward by which you can purchase items for better gameplay.

If you actually want to get the free items in the game then check out the below-written codes. Access the latest and verified codes of Pokemon GO and earn unlimited free coins and poke balls.

What is the Pokemon GO Promo Codes?

Pokemon GO promo codes are short-term codes that you can redeem through the Pokemon GO app but sometimes these codes are revealed by third parties.

Through Pokemon GO promo codes you can redeem free items in the game, mainly poke balls and berries. And if you’re lucky, you will get ultra-balls, incubator eggs, raid cards, and much more.

Latest Pokemon GO Promo Codes List 2024

These Verified Pokemon codes are currently activated, you need to redeem these codes fast to get the free items in the game. We’ll let you know if there are other codes.

KUAXZBJUTP3B7 – Samsung Galaxy avatar items








How to Redeem these Promo Codes?

To unlock the various items in the game you have to redeem the codes, for that, you should know how to redeem these codes. The game developers didn’t tell me any process to redeem. Follow the steps to redeem the code.

You can redeem these codes by two methods, first through the app and another through their official website. The process both ways is simple, first, we’ll start with Niantic Reward Page:

  1. Go to the Niantic Page website through any browser.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Enter your promo code.
  4. Tap to redeem and check your account to collect rewards.

If you have Android mobile then follow these steps to redeem your code:

  1. Open the Pokemon GO app.
  2. Go to the map view and then open the main menu.
  3. Click on the shop button.
  4. Enter your code.
  5. Tap redeem code and enjoy.

Pokemon GO Referral Program

In the Pokemon GO referral program, you have to send a link to your friend of Pokemon GO. If your friend starts playing then you’ll get some reward. You can invite someone who hasn’t played the game in the last 90 days and one who never played Pokemon GO.

In some special referral quests, you and your friend will get rewards such as incubators, eggs, pokeballs, rare candies, and many more.

How to Refer Pokemon GO to your friend?

For referring Pokemon GO to your friend, first, you need a code. To get a code go to a friend’s screen and share the code with your friend. Your friend will use this code during sign-in or later on the friend’s screen. Help your friend to achieve the milestone, so both of you’ll get a reward.

Once you both are on the list of friends of each other, now you both have the access to rewards and prizes.

Rewards of Referral Program

The Pokemon GO referral program has many exciting and useful awards for players after the successful completion of quests. In this way, some quests are easy to complete but some are not, hatching 3 eggs and making 2 new friends are easy ones but for others, you need a strong friend base.


1. Where do you redeem rewards in Pokemon GO?

Ans: You can redeem the promo code in two ways.

  • Android App
  • Niantic Website

2. What is the Pokemon GO Promo Generator?

Ans: Pokemon GO Generator is an illegal program to generate unlimited promo codes. There is no confirmation about codes that these codes are active or not.

3. Benefits of Pokemon GO promo codes?

Ans: Pokemon GO promo codes are the best option for you if you want stuff like Poke coins, Puffins, Lucky Eggs, and Poke balls. You can find these promo codes from various sources mainly through the social media handles of Pokemon GO and third-party websites.

4. What is Niantic Reward Centre?

Ans: It’s an official Pokemon GO website that helps users redeem promo codes, so users will get different kinds of stuff for free so which helps them to get benefits while playing Pokemon GO.


Now you have promo codes with you and you also know the process of redeeming. Use these codes to get exciting prizes and rewards. The list we shared with you has activated and expired both codes.

These codes are released by game developers, so we’ll add new codes also whenever they release. If you want any other codes for any game then let us know in the comment section below.

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