Multiplication Chart – Simple Way to Learn Multiplication

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A multiplication table is a list of a number’s multiples. By multiplying the given number by whole numbers, we can obtain the multiplication table. Multiplication is one of the most basic mathematical operations that students learn at a young age. A multiplication table chart is a simple way to teach students the concept of multiplication.

When performing basic arithmetic calculations, times tables can be extremely useful. These serve as building blocks for higher math concepts such as fractions, exponents, and many others. Printable multiplication charts and tables are provided to assist you in learning times tables quickly.  

In this article, we are going to discuss multiplication charts and examples.

What Exactly is a Multiplication Chart?

A multiplication chart is a table that displays the result of two numbers multiplied together. Typically, one set of numbers is written in the left column and another set in the top row. Using a multiplication chart saves a significant amount of time and energy when performing calculations.

Students’ Requirement For Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables, also known as times tables, serve as the foundation for arithmetic calculations. A child’s memory is far superior to that of an adult. Things we learn at a young age have a strong impact on the brain and are retained for the rest of our lives.

The time’s table can be extremely useful because:

1. Multiplication Tables aid a student’s mathematical learning.

2. It provides them with a solid understanding of the facts associated with multiplication.

3. It makes it easier for students to solve mathematical problems.

4. Students who know their time tables well are more self-assured when learning new math concepts.


Example: John has 6 cupcakes. He divides them equally among his three friends. How many cupcakes does each of John’s friends get?

Solution: This is a real-world problem involving division facts and multiplication tables. Here, we need to look at the times table of 3 and find the step where we get 6 as the product.

So 3* 2 = 6, i.e. 6/ 3 = 2.

Each friend receives two cupcakes.

Tips to Memorize Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables are notoriously difficult for students to memorise. We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to assist students in memorising these times tables.

  • Experiment with ‘skip-counting.’
  • Recite the multiplication table in the correct order.
  • Write some practice sentences.
  • Apply multiplication to real-world situations.
  • Recognize patterns

Skip Counting: Begin with a number and keep adding that same number. For example, if you start with three, keep adding three every time you count. So you’d say 3, 6, 9, 12.

Recite the Multiplication Table in the following order: For example, “2 times 1 is 2, 2 times 2 is 4, 2 times 3 is 6,” and so on. Make it a habit to recite this table once a day until you’ve mastered the structure it follows.

Reverse Table Recitation: Practice saying the multiplication table backward. Begin at the bottom of the column. Begin with “2 times 20 is 40, 2 times 19 is 38,” and so on.

Writing Practice: If you’re having trouble remembering the multiplication table, you can always practice by writing it down. Make writing the multiplication tables and reciting them once a day a habit.

Apply Multiplication to Real Life: Use real-life examples to help you understand multiplication tables. If possible, try practicing multiplication in different contexts. Multiplying the price of one product by the number of products, for example, or multiplying the amount by the number of notes in a bundle.

Recognize Patterns: Each multiplication table has a unique pattern. It is critical to recognise this pattern. It will help you memorise these times tables more quickly.

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