Top 10 Indian Restaurants NYC 2024

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Indians- considered the most hardworking people in the world. Whereas, world widely Indian food is also famous for its taste, aroma. Most people fall in love with the taste and mouth-watering Indian food: spices and different cooking methods enhance the quality and taste of food, attracting people.

The best thing about Indian food is it has a variety of dishes and techniques according to a different state.

List of Best Indian Restaurants NYC

No matter where Indians live, they’ll never get over the taste of Indian food and tradition. So here is the list of the top 10 Indian restaurants in NYC.

#1. Indian Accent

#2. The Masalawala

#3. Bombay Chowk

#4. Usha Foods

#5. Malai Marke

#6. Chote Nawab

#7. Tamarind Tribeca

#8. Bengal Tiger

#9. Darbar Grill

#10. Dhaba

Best Top 10 Indian Restaurants NYC 2024

Let’s talk in detail about them.

Indian Accent

Indian Accent is one of the top Indian restaurants in NYC. The one who has never tried Indian restaurants in NYC. They’ll fall in love with Indian cuisine. All varieties of Indian food are available in this restaurant with an international fusion of tastes.

If you live in New York and miss your homeland taste, you should try Indian food with an Indian accent to recall the mouth-watering taste. It also offers to Take away delivery services. You’ll also love the ambiance of the restaurant.

The Masalawala

The Masalawala is a top-notch restaurant in NYC that offers the best quality and varieties of Indian and Pakistani cuisines. A while ago, this restaurant started and consistently maintained the quality of its food. Now is the most reputed Indian restaurant in NYC. All kinds of Indian street chat, starters, and Indian cuisines are available here.

This place is vegetarian-friendly and takes away delivery options if you want to refresh your Indian or Asian memories and must-try food.

Bombay Chowk

Bombay Chowk is the best place to enjoy Indian cuisine. This place is unique in its North Indian and South Indian cuisines. In New York, most Indians are North Indians and South Indians, so the demand for this food is very high. In North Indian cuisines, food like Dal makhani, malai kofta, naan, and much more is available. Whereas, in South Indian cuisines, food like dosa, idli, sambhar, and vada is available.

They ensure to maintain the quality and taste of food. Due to pandemics, people cannot visit restaurants, but thanks to the fantastic sanitized 30 minutes delivery option, you can order your favorite Indian food online and enjoy it.

Usha Foods

Usha Foods offers the best Indian snacks, platters, combos, and street food which is fascinating and mouth-watering to eat. Indian desserts are also available at this place. Now, it is the best Indian restaurant in NYC. You can get all varieties of vegetarian food with maintained hygiene and quality of food. Takeaway delivery services are also available at this place.

These days local Americans also fell in love with the delicious Indian food. You can experience and observe both Indians and Americans having fun and enjoying their food in this restaurant.

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Malai Marke

If you are a proper North Indian who loves to experiment with new dishes and different cuisines, then this place is perfect for you. You can get various varieties of veg and non-veg dishes. Other Indian techniques and spices got used to prepare the food. All the herbs get used differently in every dish to enhance the taste of the food. Recently an article also got published in New York Times as this is one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC.

Takeaway and delivery services are also available. You will also love the ambiance of the place; it is so eye-catching that sometimes food bloggers come here to show its beauty virtually on social media platforms.

Chote Nawab

Chote Nawab is a Lucknow, India-based restaurant. It got this name after the release of the movie “Chote Nawab.” This restaurant is famous for different varieties of chicken dishes and much more. Chicken cooked in India is entirely different from other places. People get attracted to the chicken style, and they visit this restaurant.

Now, it is also known as one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC. International people also started loving the taste of this place. A takeaway and delivery option is also available to order the food.

Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca, owned by Mr. Walia, is now considered one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC. Being a Punjabi, he brought the actual Punjabi, Indian taste to food. All Punjabi and Indian cuisines are available at this restaurant with a touch of contemporary. This place includes banquets for weddings, meetings, and other events. Indian chefs cook food.

And maintain the quality and taste. You can reserve your table online. Also, now you can get takeaway services.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger offers the taste of West Bengal, India. The famous non-veg of Bengal got served with love, and people enjoy it. Not only non-veg but also different Indian cuisines get served.

Mostly Bengali taste food and desserts get offered. Now, this restaurant considered is one of the best Indian restaurants in NYC. Takeaway, reservation, and delivery services are also available.

Darbar Grill

Darbar Grill is an Indian restaurant in NYC. It offers exceptional Indian cuisine. The atmosphere of this place is so calm and gives a positive vibe. You can enjoy all kinds of Indian food varieties at this place.

Not only Indians but internationally people want the taste of food here. Reservation and other delivery services are also available. If you are in New York, you should try Indian food here.


Dhaba is a modern concept of serving Punjabi, Indian food. All varieties of veg and non-veg dishes are available here. The quality of the food is top-notch, so one should try it out.

A few dishes of different Indian cuisines get served at this place. Other takeaways and reservation services are also available.

Wrapping Up

Indian food-considered is the most delicious food in the world. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 Indian restaurants in NYC. We hope this helped you to find the best restaurant for you.

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