How To Build A Mobile App Using NodeJS?

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Many people often get confused about NodeJS. Some believe that Node is a framework and some assume a library. In fact, NodeJS is an open-source JS server environment. Node.JS allows developers to run JavaScript on the server. NodeJS uses JavaScript as the primary programming language, thus the development time is less.

Therefore, companies highly prefer to hire NodeJS developers. In addition, NodeJs is an ideal tech stack for mobile app development. Today, we are going to shed some light on “how to build a mobile app using NodeJS?”. So without any further delay, let’s get started!  

Best NodeJS Frameworks for Mobile Apps

NodeJS is an open-source JS server-side runtime environment. However, JS was initially used to build client-side applications. Later, with the tech advancements, Javascript is used for server-side development. Node is lightweight, scalable, and robust technology to build mobile applications.

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In addition, NodeJS allows developers to share data between the back-end (server-side) and front-end (client-side). 

Top NodeJS Frameworks


Ionic is a Node.js cross-platform app development framework. It focuses on bettering the user experience of the developing application. The NodeJS developers must have hands-on knowledge and expertise to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make mobile apps on the Ionic framework. 

NodeJS developers can also use SaaS, as well as AngularJS,  in the Ionic framework. Developers can use this framework to incorporate UI components into their applications. UI components are buttons, navbars, header/footers, etc. The Ionic framework in NodeJS can be used to build mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.


The Xamarin framework uses .NET and C# to build mobile apps. This is an open-source framework. By using this NodeJS framework, applications for iOS and Android can be built.

Xamarin belongs to the .NET dynasty. Build multi-platform mobile applications by using this framework. Xamarin allows NodeJS developers to use a single piece of code once and utilize it across many platforms to create mobile applications.


Another Node.js framework for creating mobile apps is called Retrofit. Square created this framework, a type-safe HTTP client for Java and Android.

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Both Android and Java use the Retrofit framework. As this Node framework makes using a REST-based web service to get and publish JSON easier and more straightforward. In other words, Square just created an open-source Java library. Retrofit, however, is unable to be created for iOS.

React Native

The most well-known Node.js framework is React Native. The same codebase is used to create apps for iOS and Android.

One of the finest solutions for developing mobile Node.js apps is using React Native. This is so that both the iOS and the Android versions, which work well, may be developed using the same codebase.

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This list includes Express.js without a doubt as one of the most popular Node.js frameworks. Express, which debuted in 2010, takes a straightforward and understated approach to Node.js programming.

In comparison to other frameworks, it is simpler to learn. It will also be sufficient to speed up your familiarization with this framework if you have a basic understanding of how Node.js works. Express is helpful for all types of small- or large-scale online or mobile app development.

Express dramatically enhances user experience by speeding up client-server communication. Additionally, it provides a wide range of capabilities that advance back-end development.


For both iOS and Android, 2-dimensional mobile apps are created using Flutter. The main purpose of it is to make the app experience for the user more immersive.

Google supports and employs this specific framework as well. Flutter is a popular framework used by several businesses all around the world. Additionally, a community of international developers maintains it. The framework of choice for developing fantastic UI apps is Flutter.

Mobile Angular UI

It is utilized to create hybrid Node.js apps. The framework, which is open-source, is used to create and divide the parts on your mobile device’s screen.

A front-end framework that is quickly gaining popularity is AngularJS. The community of developers using it commends its capabilities and versatility. This makes it the ideal response to the difficulties in developing mobile applications.

Benefits of Using NodeJS Applications

Find the benefits of using NodeJS applications below;

  • Usability – Node.js apps are renowned for their accelerated development pace and the lack of additional coding requirements.
  • Fast Development – Compared to Java, for instance, Node.js takes less time to build the same amount of functionality.
  • MicroServices – Node.js is the tool of choice for organizations like PayPal and Netflix because it matches the event-driven I/O model.

Features of NodeJS App Development 

  • Single-Page Application Development
  • Real-Time Application Development
  • Application Development For IoT Devices
  • Location-Based Application Development
  • Streaming Application Development

Nowadays, Node is the most popular choice to build robust and scalable mobile apps. Many big companies have built their apps using NodeJs. No matter if you need eCommerce app development services or other app development solutions, NodeJS is an ideal technology for mobile app development.

  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • eBay
  • LinkedIn
  • GoDaddy

Final Thought

With technological advancements, digital solutions have become a necessity for businesses. If you are looking for great mobile app development services, then look for a reliable mobile app development company. Also, consider NodeJs as a tech stack to get powerful mobile app solutions.

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