Activate Sony Crackle Account in Many Devices

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Crackle is a streaming service that provides free HD Movies and shows on your computer or phone. If you want to watch the action, sci-fiction, thrillers, comedy, and many more, you have to sign up for the Crackle app on your TV to watch content.

They update their platform on daily basis, so you will see the latest updates which is quite helpful. After getting an account, you have to sign up for your Sony crackle account. We will help you to activate your Sony Crackle Account.

Signing Up for Sony Account

You will need a personal account to link your device to sony crackle. Follow these steps to create an account:

  1. Search on your phone or computer.
  2. For new users sign up select an option of the new user.
  3. Fill in all the accurate information in the form.
  4. Create a username and password.
  5. Once you complete the sign-up.
  6. Go to the log-in option and login into your account.

After the process of signing up, now you can access all the content. Now the next step will be to activate the Sony crackle account on your respective device.

How to Activate Sony Crackle Account

Activation of the Sony crackle account will enhance your viewing experience, so it is important. You can set up your Crackle account on any device such as smart TV, mobile, Roku, and gaming condolences.

The general process is almost the same for activating a crackling account on any of your devices. Some changes should be done to link your device successfully to your Sony Crackle Account. The whole process will start with sign-up.

  • Sign in to your device with a Crackle account.
  • Select the option of activating my device. For getting the activation code you have to select My Sony Crackle on Menu Bar.
  • After that, you receive an activation code. Enter the activation code at

Activate Sony Crackle on Roku TV

Follow these steps to activate your Sony Crackle on Amazon Roku TV. Check below;

  • Go to Roku channels and click on the Crackle channels app.
  • Note down your activation code that is visible on the screen.
  • Search on your device.
  • Enter your 8-digit code and submit.
  • Select your TV cable provider’s network and then sign in.

Wait for your cable provider’s message. After successful login, you can now access all the Crackle channels on your Roku TV.

Activate Sony Crackle on Amazon Fire TV

Follow these steps to activate your Sony Crackle on Amazon Fire TV. Check below;

  • Go to on your device, sign in and start your Fire TV.
  • Now go to My Crackle, and click on “activation of this device”.
  • A code will appear on the screen now, note down that code.
  • Enter this code on 
  • It will take a few minutes to sync and after that, you can access all the channels.

Activate Sony Crackle on Samsung TV

You have to follow some steps to activate your Sony Crackle on Samsung TV. These steps are as follows:

  • Go to on any device
  • log in to your account, and if you don’t have an account. Then create it by clicking on new user.
  • Now on your Samsung TV. Go to “My Account”
  • Click on User Account and then Activate
  • After that, you will get an activation code.
  • Write that code in on your device
  • After successful completion, you can access everything.

Activate Sony Crackle on PS4 & PS3

For activating Sony Crackle on PS4 & PS3 you have to follow some instructions. These instructions are as below:

  • Go to the library of your PS4, and Search for the Crackle app.
  • Install the app, Now you have to sign in, and if you are a new user, sign up. ‘
  • Click on “My Sony Crackle
  • Now an activation code will appear on your screen, note it down.
  • Go to, and enter the code.
  • Select your cable provider’s network, and sign in.
  • Wait for a few seconds for successful completion.
  • Now you can browse anything on your PS4 and PS3.

Important Points to Note

For completing the process of activating a Sony Crackle account you need a good internet connection. You can stream crackle on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android, and many more.

Your location must be within the US territories. You need a crackling account if you don’t have an account or you register for the first time with an app or website.

Crackle is 100% free and you can access it on any device after using the above-written steps.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Sony Crackle account. Hope you find your solutions here;

1) Does Crackle need an account?

Ans- No, you don’t need to sign up, if you don’t want to. But if you want to activate a Sony crackle account on any streaming device, you have to sign up. You just need to follow a few steps to complete the sign-in process.

2) How do I get the Crackle activation code?

Ans- Select the option of activating my device. For getting an activation code you have to select My Sony Crackle on Menu Bar. After that, you will receive an activation code on your screen.

Ans- Yes, Sony Crackle gives free access to all their content. The content is completely legal. It’s free and you don’t need to sign up if you don’t want to. They have a good legal amount of content for you.

The Final Summary

There are a large number of content that is available and like many people, Sony Crackle stands better. They have different content and viewers enjoy watching that. You can easily Activate the Sony Crackle Account by the above steps. Hope that your problem is solved from the information.

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