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Social media is the biggest platform to promote brands to thrive well in the competitive market. You can explore the best examples of small businesses using social media on search engines to become successful. So, if you are new to a business, you need strong market strategies and tricks to become successful.

On social media platforms, you can find various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many more. With the help of these channels, you can promote your brand and obtain the preferred leads. Here, you just need to know how to use social media channels to grow efficiently.

Top 10 Examples of Small Businesses Using Social Media

Since social media platform is indispensable for the growth of the business. You must enhance your understanding of how small businesses use social media to get desired growth.

Look at the below examples:

Coconut Bliss: Ice Cream

Coconut bliss is an ice cream company who have used social media channels to promote ice creams. But do you know before taking the help of social media, who knew about the company? The answer is no one. Yes, it is true. The company took the initiative and created an attractive Facebook post. With that post, the entire world knows about the coconut bliss ice cream company.

Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails had also adopted the wide social media platform and got a legendary success. This business is owned by a family known for the best apparel, gifts, and other related stuff. The business owner chose a Facebook post to promote the brands of the business. Now, the business has reached the top of success by leaving behind the other large business firms.


If we talk about the Orabrush, it was a small-scale business firm in earlier days. The company created a video related to the product of the business and posted it on the YouTube channel. The video has attracted over 15 million viewers and got tremendous leads to the business. This way, the company has enjoyed millions of profits.

Sevenly: Down Syndrome Coalition

No one knows about the sevenly in the earlier days. But, nowadays, the sevenly is known by the largest group of people. Sevenly is a charitable company that raises awareness for the charity. The company had also used one of the social media channels to get noticed.

Ushuaia Hotel

Ushuaia is a hotel that had adopted technologies and social media platforms to attract users to use its best services. The hotel owner used a special strategy to allure the customers. The company distributed the wristband to all its customers to offer a great experience.

Folly Theater

Folly theater is made for youngsters. The owner of the theater has done something special for his customers, and of course, the customers like it that way. The owner allowed the customers to keep their phones on during the movie and took the help of social media networking to go viral.


Shutterstock is a photography and video company that took the help of social media channels to make a special place in the hearts of customers. Now, Shutterstock has introduced a newsroom after getting tremendous success. And, this company is among the examples of small businesses using social media.

Wayfair Home Décor

Wayfair home décor also uses social media platforms to enhance sales by creating lucrative posts. The company keeps sharing its latest ideas and tips with its users through Instagram handlers. With the help of social media channels, the company has reached tremendous success.


Dove company is the best example that used television ads to promote its brand. In earlier days, not a single person knew about the dove. Nowadays, even children know what is the brand dove.


Salesforce also uses social media to get in touch with its customers. The company keeps sharing its educational content and other relative stuff on Facebook and Twitter. This way, the company has got enough credibility and success.


How can you use social media networking to become among the best examples of small businesses using social media?

Using social media networking is an easy task. You just need to be active on its channels. So, summarize your product well, post the relative content regularly, and respond to the customers on time. This way, you can become successful for sure.

What is to be shared on the social media platform to get a boost?

You must share everything about your brand to become popular such as:

  • Complete information about the brand
  • Reliable content
  • Company name
  • Customer testimonials
  • Posts
  • Videos, etc.


The above are the best 10 examples of small businesses using social media. If you are a newbie to the business and do not know how to sell the products, here, you can take the help of a social media platform to boost the products. This way, you can get desired productivity and credibility for your company.

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