What are BigCommerce Development Services and Alternatives?

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So, you’ve decided to create an ECommerce website on BigCommerce; that’s great! But do you have the knowledge to actually handle the development process yourself? It can be easy to make mistakes and it’s often faster and cheaper to hire a BigCommerce development team than you might think.

In this article, we break down the ins and outs of BigCommerce development services and why you should invest in them if you want your business to grow quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Also, discuss BigCommerce alternatives, so let’s start.

What is BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the most popular ECommerce platforms out there, and it’s used by nearly 30,000 different online stores. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to use; even if you have years of ECommerce experience, you might find yourself struggling to get your store set up in BigCommerce as fast as you’d like. You must hire a professional developer for your task.

List of BigCommerce Development Services

Here, is the list of BigCommerce development services below;

#1. BigCommerce Web Design

#2. PSD to Theme Conversion

#3. BigCommerce Theme Development

#4. eCommerce Migration

#5. BigCommerce Plugins Development

#6. BigCommerce Payment Integration

#7. API Integration and Development

#8. BigCommerce SEO Optimization

#9. BigCommerce Performance Optimization

#10. Maintenance and Support

#11. BigCommerce Extension Development

Best BigCommerce Alternatives

Here, We share the top 6 BigCommerce alternatives. Must check below;

BigCommerce vs Shopify

There are some big differences between these two platforms, and both have unique positives that make them ideal for particular kinds of businesses. Shopify does a better job of providing tools for e-commerce business owners who want to sell physical products. Bigcommerce gives companies more power over their web presence, which makes it great for those who operate websites alongside an e-commerce store.

In terms of cost, Shopify is much more affordable when compared to other options like WooCommerce or Magento, so it’s better suited to smaller businesses with less complex needs. While WordPress can be used as a free platform to create your website, if you want to utilize advanced features you will need access to premium themes and plugins. BigCommerce offers advanced yet user-friendly tools that do not require any third-party apps – BigCommerce coupon code and discount options are available to use at checkout.

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BigCommerce vs Magento

If you’re ready to make a switch from Magento to BigCommerce, one of your biggest concerns will be whether or not they’re compatible. In fact, a lot of users prefer one over another due to how well they work with certain third-party apps or extensions. The short answer: Yes, Magento and BigCommerce are both popular ECommerce platforms—but in some cases, using them together can cause serious problems.

It really comes down to what type of business you have and what you want out of your website; if one platform isn’t working for you but you like its counterpart, it might just be time for a change. Still unsure which would be best for your company? 

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

Whether you’re a seasoned ECommerce professional or just getting started, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options. There are dozens upon dozens of ECommerce platforms, plugins, and online stores available. So how do you choose?

It all depends on what kind of business you want to run and how much customization you want for your site and store. If customizing a drag-and-drop store seems like too much work or if you just don’t have that kind of time, BigCommerce might be your best bet. With BigCommerce, there’s no need to worry about setting up your checkout or designing templates—the platform handles all that for you. However, once you’ve mastered those basics (and built up some traffic), you may find yourself wanting more features and functionality than a hosted solution offers.

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In that case, Woocommerce is probably your best option; it provides even more flexibility than WordPress itself—not to mention an easier system for uploading products with photos directly from your computer. The real question is whether either one will be able to scale as well as WordPress will, especially with its current limitations in user capacity and storage space.

BigCommerce vs ECommerce

So, what exactly is ECommerce vs BigCommerce, and why are they different? ECommerce development provides an online storefront for products or services sold directly to consumers. It’s essentially an online shop that allows sellers to showcase and sell their products online. This can be done through a website, mobile app, social media page, or other digital portals. The term ECommerce refers to any activity related to buying and selling products and/or services over a digital medium.

In other words, it encompasses nearly every type of commerce you can think of: retail, wholesale, and distribution; it even extends to business-to-business commerce (B2B). In contrast, BigCommerce doesn’t have a specific meaning.

BigCommerce vs Wix

For example, if you’re building a business that requires an e-commerce solution to sell physical goods, going with Wix might not be your best bet. With Wix, you can use their platform to create an online store and connect it with a payment gateway. The problem is that it will look like every other online store out there. You won’t have a brand identity. Find out more about selling a business by checking out Nash Advisory.

If you want to take things further, however, you’ll need to pay for custom development (and even then it might not look great). With BigCommerce, on the other hand, you could build an e-commerce website within minutes and really stand out from competitors.

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Their themes are beautiful and don’t require any coding knowledge at all. And when you do decide to start selling products, it only takes about two hours to switch over from using just your site for marketing purposes (selling downloads or affiliate products) into selling real products.

BigCommerce vs WordPress

Which ECommerce platform should you choose for your business, WordPress or BigCommerce? Before choosing which platform is best for your ECommerce website, it’s important to note that there are plenty of similarities between them.

For example, they’re both open-source and have an easy-to-use administrative panel that allows users to customize and add new features as needed. However, there are also some important differences. In order to help you determine which platform would be most beneficial for your ECommerce website, we’ve broken down each one in order to help you decide which is right for you.

BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce: What is WooCommerce?

BigCommerce is one of a handful of ECommerce platforms available today, but how does it stack up against another popular solution—WooCommerce? Both are powerful options that can help small businesses set up an online store with ease. Here, we take a look at how they compare when pricing plans and customization options come into play to make choosing between them easier.

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Bigcommerce Development Services offer a wide range of tools to grow your online business by providing you with a platform that will allow you to reach customers globally, allowing them to shop in their own currency, supporting multiple languages and currencies in a single e-store. The easy-to-use interface lets you develop your store visually, so you don’t have to be an experienced programmer or designer.

This can help save time and effort for first-time entrepreneurs who are just learning how to build a website. With so many great features built right into your site, such as SEO tools and analytics systems, there’s no reason not to take advantage of what Bigcommerce Development Services has to offer.

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