Top 10 Web Development Companies in Chicago 2024

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For your website building, It can be baffling for you to choose the best company from Chicago. The web designing market is diverse from where you have to pick what suits you. So, are you from Chicago and a newbie looking for a perfectly designed website?

Check out these top 10 web development companies in Chicago and don’t leave a chance to feel disappointed in the first go itself.

List of Web Development Companies in Chicago

Here’s the list of the finest companies in Chicago that have world-class web development teams. Must check below;

#1. SEO Design Chicago

#2. Orbit Media Studios

#3. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

#4. Inova Web Design

#5. Logical Media Group

#6. ArtVersion Agency

#7. Solid Digital

#8. Caxy Interactive

#9. Simpalm

#10. iSimplifyME

Brief Web Development Companies in Chicago 2024

Check the brief introduction about these companies below;

SEO Design Chicago

Whether you are looking for an SEO agency or a web development company, SEO Design Chicago comprehensively handles everything.  Commercially the site focuses on B2B and B2C with average annual revenue of $2 million to $5 million.

Services SEO Design Chicago Offer

Some of the services that SEO Design Chicago promptly support are as follows:

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

As one of the reputed web development companies in Chicago, they support platforms like Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Java, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, and more.

Orbit Media Studios

To make your website experience better, the orbit has specifically hired the most experienced in the field. Working since 2001, they have worked on more than a thousand web design projects approximately in all sectors. Some of the recent projects they are committed to are Goodman theatre, MarkLogic, Bioelements, Olivet, and more.

What makes Orbit Media Studios unique?

They rank among the top web development companies in Chicago because for the last twenty years they have done the following passionately-

  • UX and Content strategy
  • Research and competitive analysis
  • For hosting and web development

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

As the name suggests, Thrive promises to work as a dedicated online marketing agency with the support of the internet. They blindly ask their clients to trust them because those who work with them have got outcomes like a 500% rise in organic trafficking with 300% organic leads.

They have worked with branded clients such as Google Analytics Technology Partner, Shopify Partner, Yext Certified Partner, Google Premier Partner, and more.

Inova Web Design

Situated in downtown Chicago, Illinois it is producing quality websites as well as applications for exceptional digital experiences. . It was established in 2016 and since then has been getting positive responses.  

Services Inova Web Design support

Inova has persistently helped its clients in the fields of –

  • WordPress Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Web Design Glossary

Logical Media Group

The logical media group has a strong attachment with their clients and thereby believes them as the most valuable asset. They are a certified Google partner agency with SEO and PPC consultants. The office is situated in the River North area. They work on –

  • SEO Optimization
  • Web designing as well as
  • Amazon Advertising

The minimum project size they have is approx $5k+. For per hour they charge estimation of $50-$99.

ArtVersion Agency

ArtVersion agency as one of the reputed web development companies in Chicago has worked with more than 500 companies along with some notable startups. They work mainly by following a collaborative approach and developing problem-solving skills. Notable clients with whom they have worked are Qualcomm, Weyerhaeuser, University of North Carolina, Seaway Bank, etc.

Solid Digital

Founded in 2007, they have a core value of maintaining consistency in state craftsmanship, honest guidance, and thoughtful collaboration. They guide digital growth with award-winning web design. The average hourly rate they charge with their services is $150-$199 hourly.

Solid Digital Supported Services

Some of the most asked services by clients to Solid Digital co. are-

  • UX/UI
  • Consulting and digital growth
  • App designing in devices like mobile, website, and television
  • Web development
  • Seo-based content etc

Clients like Ajinomoto, Cineplex, Plumbing, Therapeutic Associates, LivCor are satisfied with their services.

Caxy Interactive

Caxy Interactive is a web development and design firm located in IL, Chicago. They feel joyful when their clients break new ground and make their website worth engaging. They work further on the user-centered designs. Based on the Agile and Scrum practices they are firm believers in adopting an iterative approach to software advancement. At an hourly rate of $150-$199, they give a promising impact.

  • Infrastructure, optimization of websites
  • Maintaining satellite facilities with ongoing maintenance
  • Development projects for public media

Further, its clients like the International code council, Broadcast, Green PSF, Chicago Architecture Center will make you believe Caxy is one of the top web development companies in Chicago.


With double offices in the Chicago and DC area, Simpalm is known as one of the expert mobile application and web design companies. Established in 2009, and from when Simpalm has delivered more than 300 web and mobile solutions. List of services, you should check out when collaborating with Simpalm are:

  • Cloud backend will provide solutions to ensuring constant changes
  • As an IT staff Augmentation
  • Mobile and web development  

Client’s Simpalm worked with

As shared earlier they have experience with more than 300 companies. And among them, the most prominent ones are the Winematch connect, cross blue shield, a great meeting Inc, NAPAC, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pepsi Inc, Blanco, and more.


They approach the web designing process in a more relevant technique. They believe that both data and speed bring consistency to a website. The web development companies in Chicago have worked comprehensively. And among them iSimplifyMe have strength in the following fields-

  • Web designing
  • Seo-based data-driven campaign
  • Strategic and tactic-based content writing for the clients

They have worked globally and more recently they have featured their craftsmanship with Dr jay Calvert, NRC roofing and restoration, ASCO Insurance services, and more.

Also Check:


So, what are you waiting for? You have the top 10 web development companies in Chicago right in front of you. Plan your budget and cross-check their features. Once done, contact them and start building your website.

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