7 Techniques to Get More Sales Online with Your Website

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Do you have a website that does not sell what you would like?

Or maybe you don’t have it yet but would like to start building it and selling through it.

I understand you because I also went through this situation in which I did not sell anything at all online.

I was working thousands of hours and getting no results.

But then I discovered digital marketing, which helped me boost my project and make a living from it today.

It is about analyzing your business, seeing where your audience is, and impacting them in the right way so that they end up hiring your services or buying your products.

Even so, I know that watching this is not easy since there are so many channels that finding the right one becomes complicated.

We try to cover everyone and waste a lot of time and effort.

That is why today, I want to give you 7 keys that you can apply to your website and start selling more online without dying trying.

What Can I Sell Online?

Nowadays, we see anything on Google (even sometimes, I am surprised by things that I had never imagined).

But it is that the internet has become an impressive source of customer acquisition for any business.

It is not a matter of having an online store and putting the autopilot to get sales, but we can sell any product and service as long as the sales process is done well, something that I will explain in the next point.

That is why I am not going to get too involved in this section, and I am going to be clear with some ideas about what we can sell.

How Can I Sell Online?

If you are already clear about what, but you are lost in how to do it, in this list, I am going to leave you some clues.

The first thing I want you to know is that to sell online, you will need a landing page or a web page optimized for sales that load fast.

Be Clear About Your Business Model

It seems the easiest of all on this list, but it is not.

When we start a business, especially online, we tend to want to do what others do (and earn what others earn) without ever thinking about the differentiation that we are going to provide with respect to our competitors.

For this reason, we must be clear about what our business is like and, above all, find something that will differentiate us from the rest, and that will make them hire or buy us.

Define what you are going to offer, how, to whom, and what will be your way to generate these benefits.

Because if you fail at this point, believe me, you will fail at rest.

It may be the case that you are reading this and think that you are very clear about what you want, but if you have come this far, it is because you are not very clear about the “how,” so let me ask you a question:

What do you want to get?

This is where the rest of the points come into play to know how to sell more online, so don’t worry, we’re going with them.

Use Advertising and Invest

Advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Tinder, etc.

We have so many channels that it is difficult to know which one to invest in to sell more online.

But think for a moment, where is your ideal client?

That is, that person most akin to buying your product or hiring your service and the one you want to attract.

Surely one or two social networks have come to mind, right?

Well, that’s where you should be and invest your efforts.

And be careful, it’s not just about clicking on the “Promote publication” button and letting it run, but you have to plan a strategy for your ads.

Because without a strategy, there is no paradise.

But it is a reality. There is no use spending money on advertising if we do not really know how to capture and convert our audience.

Also, if we have a well-planned sales funnel, it can be a before and after in the sales of a project since they can work very well.

Position Your Website In The Sector

It sounds easy, but it is not.

Positioning a web page in the first position will depend on many factors, but in most cases, we find large companies that have invested heavily in the internet to be in the first results.

Therefore, carrying out a content strategy and investing in SEO positioning is very important

 because it is useless to attract an audience if it is not qualified.

In other words, we generate qualified traffic on our website and impact it again with advertisements on social networks or Google.

They are people who are really interested in our products and services and who are going to see us again as an option.

If we mix these techniques correctly, we will increase the internet sales of our business.

Show Your Success Stories

When I talk about this with my clients, they tell me: Bego, you, and the testimonials.

And as I always tell you: social proof has incredible power when it comes to selling online.

Moreover, it is one of the principles of persuasion with which we can see better results.

If there is someone who is hesitant to buy our product or service and sees some videos where our own customers speak wonders about us, it will be an added bonus, right?

If we sell services, we can make blog articles with interviews with clients or make testimonial videos.

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In the event that we are an online store, we can make a wall of photographs of clients with the product or verified evaluations.

If you do not use this technique yet, try it and show confidence, you will see how your conversion on the sales pages increases.

Use The Cross-Selling Technique

As I tell you in this post, companies have a 60% to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer, while a new one has a 5% to 20% chance.

This gives you a clue as to what the term “cross-selling” is, which is about selling related or complementary products to the main sale.

It can be done throughout the sales process, but it has to be done with common sense.

In other words, it is not about selling for the sake of selling but about helping the user so that their need is more than satisfied.

If we are selling an info product, surely we have another that can complement the lessons we give in the main one, and if we sell a product, the same.

Automate Your Business

A few points above, I have talked about sales funnels, that is, the phases of the sale that a user gives until the final objective is met.

This entire process must be automated and carried out correctly until the end of the funnel or funnel.

Therefore, we must know how to attract potential customers and go from being colder traffic to one who is willing to buy from us. How? Well, with the personalized funnel for our product or service.

In addition, depending on their segmentation, they can go through one point or another in the funnel, being able to personalize messages and content for each type of user.

Optimize Your Website to Convert

When we receive traffic, whether organic or paid, and it does not convert, something is happening on our website.

And it’s probably because she’s not ready for it.

For this reason, it is important that we constantly optimize it so that users find the path to purchase the product or service easier.

But it’s not just about optimizing the web.

It is about optimizing all the processes that surround the business.

Because maybe it is not your website that fails (or yes).

Analyze, draw conclusions, test, always seek to improve your results, and sell more with the same resources.

Conclusion: Am I Going To Sell Online If I Do All These Steps?

It seems like a very theoretical list, but to implement it, you need time or investment.

Carrying out the steps does not mean that you are going to sell the first time because not only does your digital marketing come into play, but also other aspects such as the product, the price, your current situation, etc.

And if you are made of the traditional way of selling, let me tell you that selling online has nothing to do with it. Here it is about testing actions and finding the one that makes the most profit.

What I can guarantee you is that if you continue as before, you will continue to sell the same, and all are sales opportunities that you could be implemented from today.

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