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Branding is the most important thing these days and LinkedIn provides you a platform where you can create your professional presence. All over the World, the total number of LinkedIn users in 2021 is 774.6 million worldwide and It’s estimated that this number will increase by 2025 to 1034.6 million according to Statista.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social platforms but many people still don’t know about it, how it works, and how it benefits them. From this article, you will get the most about LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service. It’s a professional networking website where you can connect with different professionals, apply for jobs, and share your experiences and knowledge.

LinkedIn is for anybody who wants to take their professional life seriously by looking for different new opportunities and connect with other professionals. If you’re a company, a business owner of a small local shop, or even if you’re a college student, you can connect to the people with them you want to work.

A Quick Tour of LinkedIn

When you open the app or the website of LinkedIn, you have different features in front of you such as home, network, jobs, messaging, etc. Every feature has its own benefit and you must explore these features. These are as follows:


The LinkedIn home page is similar to the Facebook (A social networking platform) News Feed. You can see the posts of other users and post your own thought, pictures, videos, tips and tricks, and anything you want. You can limit your post to your followers only.

My Network

It helps you to connect to different people or you can see the invitation from other people as well. You can invite people to your network by sending them requests.


Find your dream company and apply for the job. You will get all the information about jobs and the requirement that are they looking for.


You can receive messages from your connections and send messages to them. It’s a quick way to communicate. You can send messages outside of your network with the help of LinkedIn premium.


This tab is your portfolio where you share your experience, education, contact, skills, etc. You can send your LinkedIn profile to recruiters as your resume. Make it impressive.

How LinkedIn will help you?

– Personal Branding

You can use your LinkedIn profile as your resume. Nowadays many companies especially mention LinkedIn profiles in the job requirements. Many recruiters find people by searching on LinkedIn, so a good profile increases your chances to get selected.

You can apply to various jobs on LinkedIn and send personalized messages to recruiters. Once you select the option of job notifications, you will start getting notifications about jobs of different companies.

– Make Connections with Professionals 

You can connect to the professionals of your industry and start making bonding with them. It’ll help you to make your brand and connections in the industry more strong. You can also make connections internationally.

Upgrade Yourself to a Premium Version 

Many people are going grate with the free version but if you’re serious about LinkedIn and want to explore other features of LinkedIn then you must try one of these 4 premium accounts. When you start exploring LinkedIn you must realize that many features are not available in the free version.

LinkedIn provides various features to its customers who want to land their dream job, grow and nurture their network. For one month you’ll get a premium account for free and after that, you have to pay according to the plan you take with tax. You have a choice to choose from these 4 accounts:

#1. LinkedIn Premium Business

This plan is for those businesses who want to expand their business and network. You can get an account for $59.99 a month.

#2. LinkedIn Premium Career

This plan is for those individuals who want to get hired and take their careers to the next level. You will get this for $29.99 per month.

#3. LinkedIn Premium Sales

You will get this plan for $79.99 a month. This plan is for those businesses and professionals who want to generate leads.

#4. LinkedIn Premium Hiring

You will get this plan for $119.99 a month. This is for those professionals and businesses who are looking to recruit or hire employees.


Q1. How is LinkedIn different from a social network? 

Ans- LinkedIn is a professional network where you will find industry specialists. On the other hand, Facebook works as a social network platform where you connect with new people, your family, or friends. LinkedIn has its own professional network and an economic graph that represents relationships between professionals. Everyone has their own identity.

Q2. How LinkedIn is helpful for students?

Ans- If you’re a student then you must start LinkedIn because of these 2 reasons. You can do your own research about the company or the employer before the interview and get a clear idea about the company. This will help you clear an interview round and get a job easily. Your LinkedIn profile shows your professionalism, so create a strong LinkedIn profile.

Wrap up

The number of users of LinkedIn increases day by day and they are exploring the industry. LinkedIn is a powerful platform these days through which you can start making your professional brand. Your brand will help you to attract clients. Students and beginners who are new to any industry can use LinkedIn. This will help you in different ways and connecting with professionals gives you a clear idea about your industry. Start making your brand today.

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