Power of Manifestation – Story of A Middle Class Boy

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Hello and welcome to our first story “Power of Manifestation”!

Here we come with an interesting story for all of you, It is full of Bollywood masala. Story of a little boy who belongs to a poor family and has many dreams in his life as we all have. You’ll read here how he achieves his goals by facing all the problems alone.

So don’t waste your time. Let’s start!

It was 5 am in the morning when I opened my eyes, wore my glasses, and came out of the room, just like every other day my parents were shouting at each other. My dad was a street vendor and an alcoholic person, day-to-day he used to sell vegetables in the city, and my mom was a homemaker. In the dawn, my dad visited the town near our village and sell vegetables; in the evening, he came back from work and consumed alcohol. After drinking liquor, he thrashed my mom and never gave money to us. My mom used to cry a lot, and I genuinely don’t like my father for his behaviour.

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That day also my father fought with my mom and threw an iron rod on her head, and she started bleeding. I couldn’t resist myself, and I slapped my father. My mom was crying, and when I told her, “you are bleeding, mom, let’s go to the hospital”, she said,” No, Aakash, I don’t want to live anymore; I can’t live with your father. I merely want you to be a kind and thriving person, take these 100 rupees and move to Mumbai. My blessings are with you. I love you, Aakash”. These were her last words, and she left me all alone.

I screamed and cried for her. I hated my dad for this. My dad was imprisoned. And there was no point to live in this house without my mom. I was so depressed. My friend took me to his house. His parents were so kind to me they fed me for several days. But their financial condition was also not so strong, and they were just like my family. They never told me to work or go back to my house. But one day, I was sleeping, and my mom came into my dreams, and she told me, ” Don’t be like your father, don’t waste your skills, work hard and be a successful person“.

It was 4 am in the morning when I woke up after the dream, and I was sweating badly. I took a cold shower, packed my bag, kept my 100 rupees in my pocket, which were given to me by my mom, and whispered in my friend’s ear ” Rama I am going, bye”, he was sleeping, he said, “Good luck Aakash“.

I started walking and observed the nature and beauty around me. I also saw some street vendors were working so hard. I just kept walking and watching. I walked for three days to reach Mumbai, and I was so thirsty and hungry.

Meanwhile, when I entered Mumbai city, the city’s vibe was so different. People were going to work, they were so enthusiastic, and kids were going to school. This enthusiasm of people actually admired me. People were so energetic. Now I understood why Mumbai was known as the “City of dreams“.

Mumbai was a completely unknown city for me, just because my mom said I followed her dream and came here. I was starved and had no food to eat or place to sleep.

I kept on walking for hours and hours, and I reached the beach. I saw the beach for the very first time. That was a magical experience for me. I bought a Vada Pav and a Tea for 30 bucks and fed myself. The beachfront view was magical. It seemed like the city was calling me. I enjoyed the view and saw people around me were so happy and enjoying playing in the water.

Meanwhile, I saw a person was selling a different travel sticker. I asked him, “how much does it cost?” He responded, “Sir, it is for 10 rupees”. I gave him 10 rupees and bought that sticker pack. I saw and observed that travel stickers were full of different countries and it’s beauty. It was 8’o clock at night, and I was sitting on the beach under the stars. I was just looking at the stars and smiling. Travelling stickers of different countries were all around my head. I manifested and said, “I’ll work so hard, and one day I’ll travel the world, and I’ll be the successful person. I’ll make you feel proud, mom“. I took a deep breath and slept on the wall near the beach.

The next day morning, it was 6 am, birds were chirping, the sun rose, bussed my face, and I woke up. It was a new day. While I was washing my face, I saw a group of tense people and a police investigation team were standing near the cruise ship. I ordered a tea and asked the tea maker, “What is going on over there?” tea maker replied, ” Group of people travelled from a different country in this cruise, and they took a break on this port and visited the local Mumbai for five days. When they came back today in the morning, they saw their money and some expensive jewellery, the passport was missing. Along with that, drugs were found on the cruise ship, and Captain was found dead“. Ohh! It was really disheartening to hear. Then I saw a very pretty girl, who was nervous, tensed, and had purity in her eyes. She was from the cruise team. Her appearance was so eye-catching that I couldn’t take off my eyes from her. A few hours later, she disappeared. I don’t know where she went. And I also started searching for a job.

Two days later, I got a job as a waiter at a restaurant near the beach. I worked for 12 hours a day. The job was pretty tiring, but the best thing was they gave me food to eat and a place to sleep. So, it was relaxing. But my dreams were big, and every day before sleeping, I used to look at the stars and those travel sticker packs and manifest a better future for myself.

Three more days passed, that day a group of three people with shades on their head, wearing black leather jackets came to the restaurant, when I went to them to take the order, ‘ I heard them talking about the murder of the captain, and saying ” Murder of the captain and robbing the cruise ship was just the trailer, I think this place is the best to do the bomb-blast“. And when they saw me, they left the conversation and ordered the food. I also did a brilliant job and pretended that I hadn’t heard about anything.

It was a late night, and that person’s words were roaming in my head constantly. I asked my manager and left the restaurant early behind those three men. I followed them. I worked as a spy suspected their activity for two more days, and when I confirmed that they were the murderers and had big bomb-blast plans. I waited till they implanted the bombs at locations. It was around 30 minutes before the bomb blasts. I contacted the police and told them about the three people’s plans. The investigation team came and found the bombs. They called me back to thank me enough. But I never arrived in front of the media. I went to the investigation team, met them personally, and told them my identity.

The team was so overwhelmed. Also, that day was one of the most remembered days of my life. I met the team members of the cruise, and they were thanking me enough. Suddenly that girl came to me and hugged me with tears in her eyes. Butterflies were dancing inside my stomach, and I felt so shy and happy. She asked for my number and told me to join their team for a day, and they’ll celebrate the happiness.

The next day that girl named Aliza called me, and I went with them to celebrate. While sitting near the beach, everyone was sharing their dreams. When they asked me about my dreams, I told them, “I want to travel the world and explore the beauty and culture of different regions and show them my travel sticker pack” Aliza smiled at me and told me “, You have only one life and if you have such a beautiful dream, then why don’t you follow them?” I replied with tears in my eyes, “Poverty”.

The next morning, my phone rang, and when I picked up the call, the Government Of Maharashtra called me and awarded me an award and gave me a 50 lakh rupees check and 100% lifetime educational scholarship to study. They granted me the price to save many people’s lives in Mumbai. I was literally into tears.

Aliza told me, “Aakash, you don’t know what the universe has planned for you. You are a gem of a person, and I love you. I love your honesty and never underestimate the power of manifestation. You have a better life ahead and dreams to fulfill, and it is just a starting.

Within ten daytimes, my passport was prepared, and Aliza helped me learn English to communicate well. I went shopping and groomed myself.

It was just 17 days since I came to Mumbai with 100 rupees in my pocket and food and no place to sleep, and the power of manifestation was so strong that now I am travelling on the cruise ship with Aliza and the team in 124 countries. I have also enrolled myself in a travelling and advertising course at the University of London to upgrade myself and learn more about travelling.

Exploring different cultures and cuisines of other countries is so fascinating, and yes, when following my dream with the love of my life- Aliza is fantastic! I love her so much, and she is my lucky charm.

Along with this, let me tell you I am also working as an undercover agent, which even Aliza doesn’t know!

Hope you like it, Give your reviews in the comment section and wait for the next one.

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