What Does Poggers Mean?

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Every day, on the internet, new memes and emoticons are developed to make gaming more unique and extraordinary. Such, an emoticon is “Poggers“. It is used pretty often in live game streaming platforms like Twitch.

Twitch is a platform where the streamer can go live and share the screen, and the audience can enjoy the stream.

In this article, you will get a vivid idea about Pogger and how you can use them during live streams.

What is Pogger?

Pogger is a surprised frog. The word “Pogger“, used to express surprise and excitement when something exciting occurs in the game.

The audience and fan use this to appreciate the streamer and tell him that he has done something remarkable and surprising. Instead of typing, they use this emoticon.

Origin of Pogger

Pogger originated on Twitch- A gaming channel. This title commenced as an emotion of a frog with a troubled expression of excitement on its face, but users wanted a specific extension connected to see it. Eventually, people resorted to just speaking “pogger,” derived from that emoticon holding a frog named Pepe. Finally, Pogger was released back on 24th September 2017.

This expression, used in various gaming memes for modern games similar to Fortnite and League of Legends, received multiple points when someone performed an excellent move. Though, most ultimate game champions now think the term faded due to its over usage in the height of its popularity.

What is Pogger Meme?

A meme is a text, video or image, which is humorous and shared on the internet using different platforms.

Pogger Meme is a picture of a frog with some hilarious text in it. There are various memes on the internet on this, and it is susceptible to users. You can also make your meme by adding text and sharing it over the internet.

What is Pogchamp?

When a streamer does something extraordinary and surprising, the audience calls them a Pogchamp. It is an expression of excitement. During a live stream, a streamer told Pog Champion and later shortened it to Pogchamp.

How to use Poggers?

When going on a live stream, a chat room is available next to the live video where one can share the emoticons. One cannot use emojis constantly. You get an opportunity and chance to use emojis.

To use Poggers, you can use it in live stream when you feel surprised, and if you are the streamer, you can use Poggers when you are shocked and aware of your audience about it.

Why Use Poggers?

Poggers is pretty and overrated as well, used to show your feeling of amazement. Using this, you express your emotions via an emoji of a surprised frog. It gives confidence to the receiver and even consumes less time to express your feelings through an emoji.

Can We Use Pogger Emoji in Discord?

People often use this emoticon on different social media platforms, especially Discord and Whatsapp. 

In Discord, this emoticon is not available from the start. You have to download the emoji in the app. To download the Poggers Emoji use the link and then run it on Discord or Whatsapp.

#1. Download the emoticon using the link.

#2. You have to tap on the list icon (the one with three lines) on the top left of the website.

#3. A pop-up opens, and choose the “Settings” option.

#4. Scroll down on the website, and you will get an option to download emoji.

Once the emoji, downloaded, you can access it in Discord by clicking the emoji key present on your keyboard. 

What is POG?

There is a lot of misunderstanding between the terms POG and Pogchamp and Poggers. But that’s not the case. POG is the acronym of “Play of the Game”. It is used in the comments during live streams when they see any exceptional game by the streamer. It’s referred to as “Best Play Seen in the Game”.

Pogger is a term people use in various forms, and some people use it in games and some in regular talks. But now it is outdated because of its usage and is very overrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Poggers a bad word?

Ans: No, Poggers is not a bad word, used when people are surprised, but some people consider it a negative word.


So, I hope you got a varied idea about “Poggers” and relevant information about it from the above blog. I hope it’s informative. Stay tuned for the next blog.

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