What to Know About Personal Injury Claim Settlements and Jury Verdicts in Iowa

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If you have suffered serious injuries due to another party’s negligent behavior, pursuing a claim allows you to recover monetary compensation. You can resolve your claim through a negotiated settlement or by winning a jury verdict.

No matter the legal process you go through, RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers can help you secure maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Keep reading to learn more about claim settlements and jury verdicts.

What are Personal Injury Claim Settlements?

Settlements can take place when you file an insurance claim and reach an agreement with the other party to resolve your claim without court intervention. Settlement negotiations can take months or longer. Sometimes, they may not occur at all. 

Because a settlement involves resolving a claim without going to court, the costs tend to be lower. For you, this means keeping more of the compensation paid to you. But this can take time since you have to reach maximum medical improvement first before you can determine your claim’s accurate value.

A good attorney understands the factors that should be considered in your settlement. They can compile relevant information and evidence to determine a reasonable settlement for you. 

What are Jury Verdicts?

A jury verdict occurs when you choose to resolve your legal claim in court. This becomes necessary if you and the other party can’t agree on a claim settlement. If you must file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries, your lawyer should plead your case before a jury or judge. 

Although a verdict is often bigger than a claim settlement, you may get less or none. This is because not all lawyers appear in court well-prepared. Some lawyers may advise you to settle your claim for a lower amount to avoid a trial. Usually, insurers know which lawyers are not willing to plead cases and may utilize this information to devalue claims.

Also, keep in mind that litigation costs can be substantial and minimize your final compensation. 

Wrapping up

If you are ready to fight for your right to compensation after sustaining injuries due to another person’s fault, ensure you hire a skilled attorney. This way, you get legal representation that will protect your claim’s value even if your case ends up in court.

Also, experienced attorneys have the qualified staff and resources to represent your personal injury case in court. They can help you seek the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. 

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