10 Things YOU MUST KNOW Before Moving to NYC (New York City)

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People from throughout the country and the globe visit New York City (NYC), as it is a cultural center that values variety. The city is home to nearly 800 distinct dialects. NYC is known as “The City That Never Sleeps” because of its flourishing economy, luxurious malls, Broadway shows, and vibrant nightlife.

While NYC life is commonly portrayed in popular media, the reality may differ. The fast-paced nature of the city is no surprise to newcomers. That’s why we have come up with ten important things you should remember before moving to NYC. Check out the prices of apartments for rent in Buffalo.

Must Know Before Moving to NYC

Expensive Lifestyle

It’s crucial to know that NYC is the costliest place to live in the United States before moving to NYC. NYC’s cost of living is 129 percent more than the national average as of 2021

An annual income of $135,000 or more is required to afford a decent living standard in the city, with a minimum monthly salary of $11,211. The city’s median income is $63,998, while the minimum wage is $15. Whether or not it’s worthwhile is determined by where you choose to reside in the city and your work type. Despite the steep decline in pricing that occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic, prices are presently rising again. 

Living in NYC might be expensive, but there are methods to cut costs and save money.

  • Eat at home more frequently.
  • Check out discount websites for the best offers on basic stuff. 
  • Seek free activities.
  • Prefer walking or public transportation 
  • Must-Know about Boroughs

Five diverse boroughs make up the city of New York, and each one has its neighborhoods and way of life. These boroughs, however distinct, all play a role in shaping the NYC we know and love today.

Before moving to NYC, discover New York’s five boroughs:

  • Manhattan: NYC’s most renowned borough is famous for its skyscrapers and Wall Street’s flourishing financial center. This is the most expensive neighbourhood in NYC. 
  • Brooklyn: With a population of over 2.6 million, Brooklyn is the most populous borough in NYC. On this side of town, the Brooklyn Bridge is a well-known landmark.
  • Bronx: The Bronx, a borough in upstate New York, has seen a decline in crime in recent years, making it the safest borough in NYC
  • Queens: There are a lot of middle-class and wealthy households living in this borough.
  • Staten: Staten is the city’s least populated borough. You have to take a boat or bridge to reach there.

Prefer Public Transportation

If you’re moving to NYC, it’s time to give up your car and use the subway. Only roughly 45 percent of the city’s population has a private vehicle.

Even if you don’t mind the high expense of having a car, it is a big city, parking is scarce, and the traffic is insane. Most citizens walk or use public transit, such as the subway, which should be no surprise.

Taking the subway costs just $2.67 a ride or $127 a month for unlimited journeys, making it an excellent value. The commute time to and from work should be considered before opting for the subway. 

Be Prepared for Changing Weather

Residents of NYC may anticipate hot and humid summers and cold and snowy winters due to the city’s humid subtropical climate.  The city is known for its heavy rains, yet many people are unaware of this. Compared to the rest of the country, NYC receives an average of 47 inches of rain each year

In the winter, NYC has an average of 25 inches of snowfall. Having an umbrella or raincoat on hand is always a good idea. Also, don’t forget to bring along a snow shovel.

Get Engaged in Sports

If you’re a sports fan, NYC has no shortage of professional teams to watch. No matter what sport you enjoy, you may find a team to cheer for in the city with a strong following.  Choose your side before the season begins. 

If you’re moving to NYC, interest in sports is an amazing reason to do so.

Must Be Informed About Groceries Shopping

NYC’s high cost of living makes dining out and shopping for groceries difficult. NYC does not have any superstores, in contrast to other American cities. Therefore, you may have to make several trips to get what you want.

Many grocery delivery services are available such as Fresh Direct. In NYC, many people use the Seamless app to get takeout from local eateries. However, this adds to the already exorbitant cost of living here.

High Taxation Rates

The federal income tax, the state income tax, and the local income tax are all taxes paid by NYC citizens. If you earn more than $50,000 a year, your tax rate may be as high as 50%.

The NYC sales tax is 8.875 percent, although the state’s property tax rates are relatively low. Therefore, before moving to NYC, be properly informed about their tax slabs. 

Learn to Walk Fast

Find a park if you wish to go for a jog or walk slowly. New York City sidewalks are fast lanes, and no one will apologize if you feel they are obstructing or directing you. Quite a few pedestrians walk so quickly that they neglect the traffic signals and proceed to cross the street as quickly as they can, regardless of whether it is safe to do so.

You Must Have to Pay the Brokerage Fee

It’s common for renters to have to pay a “broker’s charge,” ranging from 10% to 15% of the annual rent. So, before moving to NYC, get ready to pay the brokerage fee.

However, you can avoid paying a broker’s charge by finding a roommate through a service or website that connects you with people looking for a roommate.

Enjoy Your Time

It’s understandable if you don’t feel like venturing out into the city after a long week of work to see something new. Don’t let it stop you. It’s a terrific way to get a feel for the city’s layout. You’ll see something new and interesting each time you explore NYC.

Hope you like the information I share in this blog. If you have any further queries related to New York City traveling or stay, tickets then comment below. Maybe we can help you with this.

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