How to Hang Outdoor Drapes & DIY Outdoor Curtain Rods

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Adding outdoor drapes to your patio is a simple way to bring comfort and style to your garden. Outdoor curtains also add charm to your space because they come in very exciting colors that make your outdoors cool in the summer. It also helps you reduce the noise coming from outside.

They are best if you live near a noisy area like a road, airport, train track, etc. By adding them to your outdoor area, you will reduce the noise. To achieve the best functionality, you must hang these curtains perfectly. You should also choose drapes that are water and fade-resistant.

When you install the wall curtains or drapes in an outdoor area, they will create such an amazing look that they will attract every eye that falls on them. But if you don’t install them correctly, then it will be a waste of time and money because you will not get the desired results.

So, install the drapes by using a perfect method. To help those people who didn’t know how to hang the curtains in the outdoor area, we brought a help guide for them. Today, we will guide you through a step-by-step approach to changing the drapes in your outdoor area. We will tell you all the minor details that make sense in this entire process.

Steps To Hang The Outdoor Drapes

There are different methods to hang the drapes in the outside area, but we are going to give you a few easy steps that you can follow to hang the drapes perfectly on your patio. Let’s look at all the steps one by one:

1. Material Required

  • Curtain Panels
  • Drill Machine
  • Curtain Rod
  • Measuring Tape
  • Rod Brackets
  • Ladder

2. Measure Your Space

Calculate the height and width of your space. Curtain rods are available in various dimensions, but curtain panels are only available in a few basic sizes.

If your space is large enough that the standard curtains don’t fulfill your requirements, you can get customized curtains. Double up the width of the space to get the exact width of your drapes to ensure they close your outdoor area completely.

3. Mark For Brackets

First, decide if the brackets are to be installed inside or outside of your patio area. The outside mounts offer the clearest view from the inside and add a few inches to your structure’s size. Measure and mark the spot where the brackets will be installed.

If you can’t install both brackets at the same level, then the entire structure of the drapes will be destroyed. Check that the brackets are properly aligned or not.

4. Install The Brackets

Now take the drill machine and make the holes in the marked spots and install the brackets. Make sure there is enough space between your window and the curtain rod before mounting the brackets. If the rod is excessively tight, the curtain will be restricted from moving.

5. Install The Curtain Rod

Now place your rod on these installed brackets and screw on one side, because from the other side you will have to hang the curtains.

6. Hang The Drapes

Put your new curtains on the rod and screw the bracket into place. After hanging the curtains, you can easily open and close them when you want.

DIY Outdoor Curtain Rods

A curtain rod is a pole or bar that helps you hang curtains in any area. Once you install the curtains on a curtain rod, you can effortlessly move them to close or open them. You can get ready-made curtain rods in any size and style you want.

You can also create these rods by following a few easy steps and getting cheap material from the market. Today, we’ll show you how to create a curtain rod on your own for a low price. We will instruct you with a step-by-step approach so that you properly understand everything. Look at all the steps given below to create the perfect curtain rod.

1. Required Material

  • Wood lumber
  • Screw eye
  • Electrical Metallic Tube Conduit
  • Paint
  • Drill machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Pipes
  • Pipe cutter

2. Take Proper Measurements

When it comes to making curtain rods that completely cover your windows, accuracy is key. With the measuring tape, measure the width of your outdoor area; you want to hang the curtains from one side to the other.

3. Take The Pipe And Cut It

Purchase the pipe from the market and then mark the pipe with a marker according to the measurement you took in the previous step. Now, gently cut the rod with a pipe cutter.

4. Install The Pillars

First, you need to install the pillars so that you can easily attach the curtain rod to them. For that purpose, you need to know how high you want to hang the curtains. Then take the pillars according to the desired measurements. After that, install these pillars in your garden area. Always make sure that all the pillars are installed at the same height.

5. Install The Screw Eye

Now mark the desired height on all the pillars for installing the screw eyes. Then take the screw eyes and install them on the pillars with the help of a drill machine.

6. Place The Curtain Rod

Once you have installed all the screw eyes, take the curtain rods and place them.

7. Apply Paint On The Rod

Paint the rod and brackets to match the outdoor space, furniture, and curtains if they aren’t the right color. Allow the rod and brackets to dry after painting them.

8. Hang The Drapes

Now take your drapes and hang them on the rod. Mostly, sheer curtains are considered the best for an outdoor area to give an airy and beautiful atmosphere. After hanging them, you can analyze whether they look perfect.


These are the most efficient methods for making the DIY curtain rod and hanging the drapes in the outdoor area. If you want to get more amazing guides like this, then you have to stay connected with us.

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