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LuxuryHost is focusing on becoming India’s #1 online hotel booking platform to promote travel business. Tourists can search hotels and cabs online for any city or state in India. Simultaneously, travelers can also compare the price prior to any booking. During price comparison, tourists can find the best deals under the budget range as many options are available. 

The website launched in 2019 and since then assisting tourists in vacation planning. The main objective is to provide travel services at a nominal price. The entire team understands all the rough sides of tour planning thus, works accordingly to make the entire process smooth. 

In the past 2 years, millions of tourists have shown the internet in the services. Additionally, tourists highly rely on the portal because the discounts and deals are exceptionally amazing that making a huge difference in the overall tour cost.      

History of LuxuryHost

Two years back, the website started. Currently, these services are available on the portal, online hotel booking, online cab booking, online adventure activity booking, holiday packages, etc.

Further, the goal is to lead the entire travel industry nationwide and around the globe. Many esteemed & renowned hotels are registered on the website.

Services LuxuryHost Render 

The portal works for both customers as well as hoteliers in India. Since hoteliers can list their hotels on the website, customers can find ideal hotel deals at a maximum discount. Therefore, the hotel booking website functions for both parties – hoteliers as well as tourists.   

In order to satisfy tourists in the best possible way, excellent services are delivered. Tourists can discover their entire travel needs under one roof and at an affordable price.

For e.g. online hotel booking, online taxi booking, online adventure activity booking, holiday packages, etc. along with price comparison.   

LuxuryHost Statistics

These are the statistics of the website that makes a big impact on the travel industry. Additionally, a great reason to register at the portal. Have a look: –

  • Million visitors 
  • Compares rates 
  • Star ratings 
  • Accessible website in entire India
  • Over thousands of photos & reviews

Additional Perks at LuxuryHost

Numerous benefits are given to travelers along with hoteliers. These advantages help the hotel owners to make great revenue. On the other hand, it helps in cutting down the overall tour cost to reduce the traveler’s expenses. Additional perks are awarded whenever a hotelier or tourists register on the website. In order to know about these additional perks, read further: –

Additional Perks to Hoteliers

Many advantages are granted to the hoteliers. These perks play a vital role in the revenue of a hotelier. Since the hoteliers get access to many leads through the website, their business gets a great hike. Additionally, various other advantages are also allotted. Let’s discuss the additional perks in detail below:-

  • Hike on Business Revenue
  • Great Exposure to Leads 
  • Permanent Customers 
  • Positive Customer Feedback    

Additional Perks to Tourists 

At LuxuryHost, tourists are provided with numerous additional perks when they book a hotel via the website. These advantages make a huge difference in the overall expenses of a tour. Moreover, there are other benefits also that are provided to the tourists. Let’s discuss these additional perks in detail below:-      

  • High Discounts
  • Additional Services 
  • Price Comparison & Best Deals (under budget)
  • Customer Assistance in Tour Planning 

Other Booking Engines

In India, nowadays so many online hotel booking engines are available. However, some hotel booking websites are Indian and some are used around the globe. Also, the functions of each website are different as the services some websites provide other websites don’t. 

Check out the list of top hotel booking websites in India: –

  • Trivago
  • Yatra
  • Booking.com
  • TripAdvisor
  • Cleartrip
  • Hotels.com
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia

Final Thought

Every minor detail is elaborated about LuxuryHost in this blog. Whenever you have a doubt or want to know anything about the website or its services, then refer to this blog. The day isn’t far when LuxuryHost will be known as the best hotel booking website. For the same goal, the team is working hard. Also, high discounts and great offers are always available on the portal to attract maximum tourists.

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