25th Island of Greece Meme

Why is the ’25th Island of Greece’ Meme going viral on Twitter?

25th Island has become a trendy search query but not because of its beautiful design or beaches. The reason behind its massive popularity is its association with the popular game, Among us. Users are curious how Greece Island is connected with this popular game, because of that it gained popularity on Twitter as well. The query has become quite popular in the United States as well.

After seeing the links everywhere, users started searching it with the name of a Twitter user and they begged each other to search “25th Island of Greece”. Every time on social media a new meme emerges in which people are asking Google for something. And then the meme went viral.

What is the 25th Island of Greek Origin?

When you scroll through any social media, you can see that everyone is talking and sharing about the 25th Island.

In the list of Islands of Greece, Amorgos ranked 25th and It’s known for its tremendous dramatic view. It has 6000 Islands and 227 inhabited, but why is everyone just talking about the 25th Island.

Well, this is all a part of a meme that is trending on Twitter in March. The meme on the Island starts with the name of Island “Amorgos” which is similar to a name of a popular game.

On Twitter, everyone starts telling each other to search “what is the 25th Island of Greece ”. This is not the first time when people did this, every month a new meme appears and people start searching on Google for it.

Some of the famous memes are “Which dinosaur has 5000 teeth” or “Why are we afraid of the chains” and now one other meme comes out that explodes the Twitter “Name of 25th Island of Greece”.

What is the 25th Island of Greece?

If you search on Google about the name of 25th Island then the search will appear that the Island of Greece is located in the Cyclades that is called Amorgos.

Now you know why this meme is trending and if you’re still confused why it’s so trendy on social media.

So the answer is that people connect the Amorgos with the name Among Us. It’s a multiplayer game launched in 2018 and developed by an American games studio. This game is very popular among kids now.

Why are people connected with this meme?

People think that Amorgos sounds like Among us. The Among Us is a popular game among kids, so when people saw the name of the Island they found it funny. How can an Island be associated with a game? Both the terms are not exactly similar but sound quite similar to why people connect with this so much.

After that everyone starts searching about the Island and begged others to do the same. Because everyone is searching about the Island it goes viral on Twitter.

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Why is the 25th Island of Greece meme going viral on Twitter?

Recently the stunning Island of Amorgos went viral on Twitter but not for its stunning design, it’s trending because of its name.

The Meme is going viral because there is a similarity between the name of the Island and the globally popular game, Among us. People find this hilarious. It’s not the first time something went viral on the internet because of the similarity in the name.  

Recently a roman emperor became trendy because of its similarities with the game terms. It’s trending because of its close association with the popular game, Among us. But the actual name of the Island is Amorgos.

What is the reaction of people to this meme?

As this trend gains popularity and people share this on social media platforms, this goes viral. Users find the name of the Island amazing and some users give this a name ‘sus’ that’s a term mainly used in games for ‘suspicious’. The overall reaction of people is favorable for this meme.


People are curious to know why this island is going trendy in Among Us games and on other games forums. The people who search the most are “Name of the 25th Island Greece”. Both the words sound similar that’s why the fans of the game connect with this so much and make it a meme.

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